The Adicts – Fallujah 71 – The Maxies – The Retcons – Godzilla – at American Legion post 79 – Riverside, CA

April 5, 2009

Adicts flyer imageAmerican Legion Post 79 in Riverside hosted the very last Southern California Show for The Adicts Life Goes On tour. This venue is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Lake Evans in Fairmount Park. It was a different place to be from the usual venues I visit in the concrete jungle of L.A. It was more relaxing hearing the quacks of the ducks instead of the loud honking and vulgar road rage that some of us are used to hearing in the city. The show started pretty early but it included a lot more bands than usual. Godzilla, The Retcons, The Maxies, Fallujah 71 and of course The Adicts was the line up for the night.

6:30 came by and the show began with Godzilla being the opening act of the night. I was not able to get in the show on time so see Godzilla perform because of some issues getting inside but was able to hear their set from the front doors. They’re songs were great and they did an excellent  misfits cover, Bullet, which I’m positive the crowd enjoyed. Second band came and all problems were resolved with me getting into the venue.  I was inside on time to catch The Retcons perform.

They’re a three piece band from Riverside that bring to the audience a Punk, Rock, and Pop sound. The Retcons brought forth a rockin’ set that the audience, without a doubt, was satisfied.

Third on the line up was The Maxies. They came all the way from Greenland to rock the fuck out in riverside with The Adicts. The crowd cheered on as the curtains opened. As they describe, they are “more punk than rock. More Rock Than Punk”. After their performance I believe their words. They put on a cool set and the audience loved their crazy attitude and performance.

The Billy Bones were not able to perform that night and a lot of people were disappointed to know they were not playing. I was too for I was looking forward to seeing their performance. To take their place was the young Fallujah 71. Being in high school and young, they had an energy that got crowd to enjoy their songs. Most people stood and listened to them perform; others were pitting especially to their song “Psycho Neighbor” which got the crowd and the pit going.

It was time again, all the opening acts did an excellent job warming up the audience for the last and final performance of the night that everyone came to see. The Curtains open, Fiddle Dan graciously started “Ode to Joy” and the crowd erupts into a violent frenzy. Although they may be an older group of lads, they are still young at heart and still feed off the crowds energy to put on an unforgettable performance. The audience was so rowdy that the pit was large, kids were climbing the speakers, many were violently pushing everyone who stood in their way, and others were storming the stage. Security had to go on stage and create a human barricade.

They even had to stop the show while The Adicts played “Easy way out” so the crowd could calm down. The audience did bring it down a level but still had an enjoyable night. By the end of their performance, the crowd was covered with confetti and glitter. Nothing could’ve have stopped the showers of glitter that Monkey gave the crowd throughout the night. After the show ended, Monkey met and greeted d the fans that stayed behind. Many got their photos taken and others put everything and anything in front of him to get signed.

The Adicts definitely ended their first half of their Life Goes on tour with a major bang in riverside. Good luck to all of them on their second half of the tour and we will all wait for them to return back to California for they will be in the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

-Rob Nuisance-
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter

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