The Adicts – at The Ventura Theater – Ventura, CA

July 2, 2010

The Adicts - at Ventura Theater - July 1, 2010The Ventura Theatre was the site for a spectacle of grand proportions. The Adicts would be performing supported by bands Death Punch, Bettie's Undead, Informal Society, and Knocked Out Cold. As I arrived at the theatre around 7:30pm, the doors had already opened and the house was packed with eager fans who were ready for the light-hearted theatrical show that was about to be underway.

As the minutes led up to The Adicts' arrival on stage, the anticipation and intensity of the hundreds in attendance grew stronger and stronger, until the actual moment came. The Adicts started their entrance with "Ode to Joy". As Monkey came onto the stage, the song soon transitioned into "Joker In The Pack". Right away the theatrics began with Monkey throwing his deck of cards into the audience. As a card landed on my chest, it took me back to the first time I experienced a live Adicts performance. I remembered being in awe with all the colors, the in sync dancing, and the confetti flying. I was truly amazed and mystified. As I found myself in front of the stage once again, shooting pictures, I realized that while the performance hadn't changed much, I still felt the same way I did the first time I saw them play.

   The Adicts

They played a great set packed with outfit changes, magic tricks, streamers, confetti, and over 20 songs. While I would like to describe the reaction of the crowd, I was so engrossed from the stage performance that I honestly can't say much more than...everyone had smiles, were singing, and there was a happy non-agressive pit during the moments that I glanced into the crowd's direction. The Adicts ended the night with a huge encore, complete with giant beach balls and bubbles. As I was leaving the theatre, all around me people were skipping around singing Adicts tunes, thoroughly elated from their experience.

-J. Moncrief-
Big Wheel Staff Photographer

Check out a a massive photo gallery and kick back and enjoy the video. This video will give you a glimpse into the pre-show back stage prep that leads right up to them walking on stage.

The Adicts 2010 Ventura Theater Show
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