Punk Rock Bowling 2011 Music Festival – Fremont Street – Las Vegas, NV – Day 1

May 28, 2011

Punk Rock Bowling 2011 Music Festival - Fremont Street - Las Vegas, NV - May 28, 2011Starting off the first day of 3 days of the music festival portion of Punk Rock Bowling 2011 was Dropkick Murphys, Stiff Little Fingers, Aggrolites, Filthy Thieving Bastards, Krum Bums, Off With Their Heads, The Grim and Dirty Filthy Mugs. As in years past when the Punk Rock Bowling committee puts together these shows they are always trying to keep pace with previous years line ups... and many believe that over the next 3 days, the line ups far exceeded anyone expectations.The staff the broke off in shifts to cover the music portion while others stayed behind at Sam's Town to cover the bowling tournament that was still going on as the festival started.

2011 Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival photo
The first day of the 13th annual Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival was introduced by DC Jam Records band, Dirty Filthy Mugs at 4 p.m. The band's sound was versatile, and their melodic music at times derived styles from country, rockabilly, and especially rock n' roll. The bulk of the band's set was credited to Punk rock, yet their set offered substances that allowed for their performance to be enjoyed by the wide variety of music fans in the audience.

After Dirty Filthy Mugs' set, The Grim took the stage and played a 30 minute set for a growing audience. The Grim's sound differed from Dirty Filthy Mugs sound as The Grim performed with both more of an old school sound and attitude. The band delivered an energetic hardcore/skate Punk sound, which the band's vocalist further upheld by going onto the floor of the pit to perform the band's songs. The Grim was refreshing and pretty Punk rock - A true staple of the Punk scene.
Punk Rock Bolwing 2011 photo
Off With Their Heads might be the hardest working band in Punk rock. They've been on the road nearly constantly for the last few year,s building up a core of loyal followers. A strong breeze kicked up as the boys made their way on stage, as if even the wind couldn't wait to circle pit for the band. Never ones for over-blown, self-important theatrics, singer Ryan took the stage with a brief "welcome to the shit show", and the band launched into a frenetic 30-minute set. Hitting several of the tracks off last summer's newest album, "In Desolation", the set list included the furious anthem "Their Own Medicine", which drew all fists to the air, as well as "Eyes of Death" and "All I can Do". The band also tore through old favorites, including "Die Today" and " ", before closing out the set with "Clear the Air". Despite the relatively early hour, swirling sand, and nagging desert heat, the pit was busy for the full set, and there were cheers for more, as the boys cleared the stage to make way for Krum Bums.
Krum Bums at Punk Rock Bowling 2011 in Las Vegas photo
The Krum bums brought their street punk ferocity to the outdoor stage Saturday afternoon in front of a fully charged crowd of more than 1000 fans. The gusty winds may have been blowing over Mohawks all over the venues grounds, but not once did it discourage the very excited crowd from dancing away to the mohican melodies the Krum bums had to offer. They are one of the newer bands on the scene, but they already attract a crowd that usually only bands of legendary stature boast. Their vocalist Dave spent every other verse head banging or jumping into the crowd, yes that’s right! Dave was the first person of punk rock bowling 2011 to stage dive.
Krum Bums Las Vegas
Once he made it into the crowd he found the time to do a few laps in the circle pit with his fans arm in arm. They too were also the first band to invite their front row crowd onto the stage to help sing along and do a little dancing as well, security may have hated it but. The Krum bums did unveil a new song into the set, though the highlight of their set may have been their excellent cover of the circle jerks classic “wild in the streets”.
Krum Bums photo
For the Punks in the crowd who were not so familiar with the Krum bums original tunes, they were able to sing along with the masses to wild in the streets, and that turned out to be their finest moment, for even Keith Morris would have been proud. As they say, don’t do a cover unless you’re going to do it well, in this case the Krum bums have owned. Enjoy the footage as evidence of their phenomenal set!

Filthy Thieving Bastards were another treat for Punk rock fans who enjoy country mixes with their fast paced beats. Filthy Thieving Bastards augmented the day's mood by performing songs inspired by melodic riffs and upbeat rhythms. The band sounded like a mix between Flogging Molly and Old Man Markley, which was fitting considering Dropkick Murphys were set to headline that day.
Promptly at 7:50pm, the only reggae band on the Punk Rock Bowling outdoor festival bill began their set- Aggrolites. At first, many of the crowd members just swayed and awkwardly danced to their reggae/ska/rocksteady beats, but everyone soon warmed up and you couldn't look anywhere without seeing someone skanking. They performed the songs "Mister Misery", "Complicated Girl","Funky Fire", "Time to Get Tough", "Faster Bullet", and of course, "Dirty Reggae".
The band stopped many times to talk to the crowd- thanking them for coming, telling them how lucky they feel to be a part of this festival, and asking if anyone was excited for the following bands. Lead singer Jesse Wagner also informed the audience on the history of reggae, and how it ties into the Punk rock culture. The Aggrolites set came as a nice, mellow break from the fast Punk rock music that was provided earlier on, and gave people a chance to relax and re-energize for Stiff Little Fingers and Dropkick Murphys.
Stiff little Fingers 2011 Punk Rock Bowling music festival photo
The excitement in the air was electric as Stiff Little Fingers took the stage. Coming up on the 35 year mark, SLF have long ago established themselves as legends in the punk rock world, and even while the stage was being set, the entire front of stage area was tightly packed with bodies. Kids passed the time singing along with The Crack and T.S.O.L. songs coming over the PA system, already playfully shoving. When the band finally hit, a huge cheer was unleashed, and then no one had a chance to breathe, as SLF ripped through their greatest hits, starting with "Roots, Radicals, Rockers, and Reggae" and working through "Barbed Wire Love", "Nobody's Hero" and "Suspect Device".
Stiff Little Fingers
Jake Burns took a quick pause in the middle of the set to acknowledge the absence of their usual guitarist, sick in hospital (and our thoughts with him for a speedy recovery), and introduce their stand-in from Chicago's infamous Naked Raygun. Bodies flew through the air, and there was barely room to move even in the pit as the set reached a final climax with "Alternative Ulster". The crowd shouted for more, but there was no time for an encore, only time for the Dropkick Murphy's to come and wind up the outdoor show with a bang.
Dropkick Murphys Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival 2011 photo
Starting a bit past their scheduled time, Dropkick Murphys emerged onto the stage right after the song "Boys are Back in Town" was being played for the anxious and already-drunk audience. The infamous Irish Punk group was warmly welcomed by cups of beer (some full and some empty) being thrown left and right, and a pit full of the rowdiest and most excited crowd members. I've heard from many that the Dropkick Murphys are known for putting on great, high-energy shows and this was no exception.
photo Dropkick Murphys 2011 Punk Rock Bowling Las Vegas
It was obvious that every band member poured their heart and soul into their instruments, vocals, and overall performance, which the crowd noticed and acknowledged; most of the fans gave the passion back to the Murphys by raising their fists in the air and chanting the choruses to the songs they played. The Dropkick Murphys performed a handful of songs off their latest album "Going Out in Style" including "Cruel", "Going Out in Style", and "Take 'Em Down", which lead vocalist Al Barr dedicated to his father. The group also threw fan favorites into their set, such as "Captain Kelly's Kitchen","Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya","I'm Shipping Up to Boston", and "Time to Go".
Dropkick Murphys bag pipes photo
Barr then declared this song was "for the ladies" and invited them on stage to sing with them. The song was the drinking anthem, "Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced", causing the crowd to sway with strangers with beers in hand; on stage, the women danced, sang, and one even decided to flash the audience. Dropkick concluded their set with a cover of AC/DC's "TNT", and to everyone's dismay did not appear for an encore.
2011 Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival with Dropkick Murphys photo
People began to leave the outdoor venue, and whether they went to relax, gamble, or see a club show, there's no doubt that they left satisfied by Day 1. It's safe to say that the performances set Punk Rock Bowling on the right foot, and got attendees pumped up for what tomorrow has in store.

Set Times - Saturday May 28, 2011
9:50 - 11:00  Dropkick Murphys
8:50 - 9:35   Stiff Little Fingers
7:50 - 8:35   Aggrolites
6:55 - 7:35   Filthy Thieving Bastards
6:10 - 6:40   Krum Bums
5:25 - 5:55   Off With Their Heads
4:40 - 5:10   The Grim
4:00 - 4:25   Dirty Filthy Mugs
Doors 3:30pm

                   More photos of Saturday's music festival show can be seen HERE

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