Punk Rock Bowling 2010 – Day 1 – Las Vegas, NV

May 7, 2010

Punk Rock Bowling 2010 photoLas Vegas, Nevada is a region infamous for casinos, gambling, strip clubs, showgirls, and many other activities and events which are not typically found or encountered in your hometown. This weekend Las Vegas was home to an annual event that combines both bowling and Punk rock: an event perfectly named Punk Rock Bowling. Presented by BYO Records, the 12th annual affair takes place this weekend in fabulous Las Vegas, and though "Sin City" is typically viewed as a region in which only the age of 21 brings pleasure and satisfaction, Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival guarantees a phenomenal time for all ages who seek fulfillment both in the music portion and the bowling aspect of the 3 day weekend. Friday provided musical entertainment from Guilty by Association, Tony Sly, Teenage Bottlerocket, Youth Brigade, Fucked Up, Hot Water Music, and NOFX.
2010 Punk Rock Bowling
The doors to the Sunset Station Amphitheater opened at 4:30pm, and while the first band was not set to play until 5pm, people were standing in line as early as 3pm for ticket purchases and will call. All throughout the afternoon, people in the scene were rushing excitedly in and out of the Sunset Station Hotel as they all spoke about the upcoming events of the weekend, and also spoke of who they were most anxious to see on stage.
Punk Rock Bowling 2010 Music Festival
Guilty by Association was the first band to kick off the 3 day weekend. The band performed a 20 minute set to a crowd that appeared to enjoy every moment of it. Ten minutes after Guilty By Association was done playing, Tony Sly of No Use For a Name took over the stage and performed an almost acoustic set with indie rock influences. The music was different from the type of music you would expect to hear in a punk rock event like Punk Rock Bowling, but the music proved to be anything but tedious. Audience members applauded and enjoyed the folk-like set provided by Tony Sly, which was interesting and invigorating on a whole different level.
The crowd at Punk Rock Bowling 2010
Teenage Bottlerocket was entirely one of the most anticipated acts of the Friday lineup. Inside the Sunset Station Hotel, you frequently heard remarks and cheers pertaining to Teenage Bottlerocket and their upcoming performance. Teenage Bottlerocket arrived on stage close to 6:10pm, and opened up their set with "Skate or Die", which the audience embraced and immediately burst and roared in approval. The band's stage presence was overwhelmingly dynamic as song after song conveyed Teenage Bottlerocket's exuberant personalities. During the band's 30 minute set, many songs from the album "Warning Device" were played, including, "Bottlerocket", "In The Basement", and "Welcome to the Nuthouse". Other songs the band played consisted of "Bigger Than Kiss", and "Blood Bath at Burger King". Teenage Bottlerocket cultivated a large crowd of crazed fanatics who all illustrated their devotion to the band in the short 30 minute span of the band's dominating set.
Youth Brigade at 2010 Punk Rock Bowling
After Teenage Bottlerocket, Youth Brigade approached the stage and performed with the utmost vivacity. A circle pit was in constant motion as the band performed favorites from albums "Sink With Kalifornija" and "Out Of Print". Youth Brigade's music was highlighted by vocalist Shawn Stern's renowned voice, which has a deep and harmonious tone that many other vocalists attempt to imitate, but can never successfully reproduce. The band performed a longer set than the previous bands that played, and with a longer performance, Youth Brigade also witnessed a continuous circle pit that never ceased to expand.
Youth Brigade at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas
Youth Brigade performed, "Where are all the Old Man Bars", "Spies for Life", "Punk Rock Mom", "Fight to Unite", "I Hate My Life" and many other songs. After about 45 minutes, Youth Brigade ended their time on stage with their most popular song, "Sink With California". The floor of the amphitheater became massively full and music madness conquered every single individual that dared to enter the crushing circle pit. When the band finished playing the song, the audience cheered viciously and demanded an encore. No encore was ultimately given but members of the audience ran up to one another and hugged or patted each other on the shoulder and remarked that Youth Brigade had played a remarkable show.
Fucked Up at Punk Rock Bowling 2010
Fucked Up took over the stage as the sun began to set and the night began to creep into the sky. Canadian natives Fucked Up dominated the stage with their intense attitude and fierce music. The band played many of their old songs and at one point, vocalist Father Damian, aka Pink Eyes, ripped off his shirt and went straight for those who were directly behind the barricade. As Father Damian screamed into the microphone and pierced eardrums with his pugnacious voice, audience members beside the barricade celebrated the vocalist's presence by handing him all the beers available in the crowd. The band remained on stage for approximately 45 minutes, and after the band's time ran out, the floor augmented in size as Hot Water Music prepared to make its way onto the stage.
Hot Water Music at Punk Rock Bowling
Close to 9pm, Hot Water Music took the stage and played a 45 minute set. The band's sound resembled a combination of Punk rock and indie rock; ultimately delivering an alternative rock feel and presence. During Hot Water Music's set, members of the audience attempted to commence a circle pit, though the majority remained in one place as they danced and swayed their bodies instead. Hot Water Music maintained a heavy audience, and it became apparent that many of the people who attended Friday's Punk Rock Bowling event came almost exclusively for this band.
NOFX at Punk Rock Bowling 2010 in Las Vegas
As 10pm approached the night, NOFX's anticipated time on stage drew nearer and along with it, increased an anxious reaction from the crowd. When Melvin, Hefe, Smelly, and Fat Mike all made their way onto the stage, the floor of the Sunset Amphitheater was full and rambunctious as the wait for NOFX began to stress out audience members. Finally, the band commenced their performance and played "Intro" first. "Intro" eventually led into "Leave It Alone", and though "Leave It Alone" is a relatively slow paced song, the crowd managed to pull off a circle pit that embodied savage behavior which most audience members appeared fearful of.
NOFX at Punk Rock Bowling 2010 in Las Vegas
During NOFX's set, guitarist Eric Melvin began to play the melody to the Black Eyed Peas' song, "I Gotta Feeling". Melvin even went as far as singing and reciting some of the lyrics to the popular song. Vocalist Fat Mike groaned and temporarily complained before eventually giving in to the catchy song and surrendering by humming along to it while Melvin played it on his guitar. Throughout the rest of the band's set, "I Gotta Feeling" was a song that was repeatedly performed, even though it was brief each time.
NOFX at Punk Rock Bowling 2010 in Las Vegas
NOFX went on to play many crowd favorites from albums "Coaster", and "Greatest Songs Ever Written: By Us", which is a "greatest hits" album that features songs from the majority of the albums that NOFX has so far produced. Throughout the entire band's set, the crowd sang along enthusiastically to each song NOFX performed, and the crowd even maintained a circle pit in which many individuals seemed to have trouble adapting to and surviving in.
NOFX at Punk Rock Bowling 2010 in Las Vegas
After an hour, NOFX ended their set with "Theme From a NOFX Album", which audience members clapped along to as the song's prominent beat proved itself to be contagious. When the song was finally over, Eric Melvin continued to play his accordion and the crowd both clapped and swayed their arms back and forth in the air as Melvin performed. Once Melvin finally ended his 10 minute accordion solo, the floor of the Sunset Station Amphitheater clapped for what felt like an eternity. Fans were grateful and appreciative of the extra effort displayed by Eric Melvin, who showcased a talent he typically performs on a guitar.
NOFX in Las Vegas
Friday's show was merely the beginning of Punk Rock Bowling's 3 day plan which would include many more bands and several more diverse sounds and displays. Although no bowling took place Friday, the performances compensated for the lack of competitive athletic abilities on behalf of those who would engage in the tournament in the upcoming days. Friday would quickly prove to be only one small day in the grand scheme of things for Punk Rock Bowling. In a city that is famous and known for decadence, debauchery, and sin, it would only be a matter of time before Punk Rock took the reins and maneuvered the city to show the strength of our scene and the magnitude of our unity; all which Punk Rock Bowling enabled with full force.

-Stephanie M.-
Big Wheel Senior Staff Writer


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