Prima Donna – The Billy Bones – Duane Peters – Sean and Zander – Motorcycle Boy – Legendary Swagger – at Key Club – Hollywood, CA

February 27, 2010

Prima Donna at the Key ClubTonight at the re-opened Key Club in Hollywood marked the return of Prima Donna from their tour of Asia and Europe. They were out supporting Green Day on their 21st Century Breakdown Tour. This would be the band's first show in LA in 6 months. Coming off a tour like they have is so far from their humble beginnings.

Bands that joined in the fun for the welcome home show was, The Billy Bones, Duane Peters, Sean and Zander, Motorcycle Boy and Legendary Swagger who kicked the night off.

Legendary Swagger
Legendary Swagger is a seriously solid band -They posses everything you want in a band and when their set was over it left you wishing they would just play their entire set again!

Motorcycle Boy
Motorcycle Boy was up next and lit the place on fire.

Sean and Zander
Taking the show in another direction was Sean Wheeler who most know from Throwrag and Zander Schloss on Circle Jerks. This is a project that the two of them have been doing for a while. If you love good music to drink to, check these guys out when they perform

The Billy Bones
The Billy Bones threw down a killer set comprised of many of the songs from their upcoming album, The Complexity of Stupidity. For the uninitiated, Billy Bones' previous band The Skulls is where at the age of 16, Keven Preston of Prima Donna first came on the scene with his guitar prowess.

After The Billy Bones exited the stage is when we started to experience some technical difficulty with our equipment. It came at the worst time as Duane Peters was taking the stage with his new band that this time included keyboards and a violin. As seriously eclectic mix of music that could only come from the creative mind of Duane Peters.

Prima Donna at The Key Club
Now with backup equipment in hand it was back to the action as the band of the night, Prima Donna was now walking through the stairwell to the back door to take the stage.
Prima Donna is: Kevin Preston on vocals and guitar, Aaron Minton on saxophone and keyboards, David Field on drums, Dan Nyby on bass, Erik Arcane on guitar. As probably one of the only media outlets here in LA that has documented this band from it's early days some 6 plus years ago and has witnessed the persistence, hard work and of course the key ingredient, talent all has paid off.
Prima Donna Band at the Key Club
WOW, what a welcome back they received from the fans in LA as the crowd cheered wildly throughout the show.
Songs performed were: Soul Stripper, Some Kinda Nerve, Miss Avenue, Lady Strange, Teenage Mannequin, Stray Doll, Demoted, Crimson Lust, Double Crosser, Generation X song -King Rocker, Fuck Off, I Don't Want You To Love Me. After the set they returned back to the stage for an encore of Chinese Rocks.
This was one of their best shows yet.

Their current album "After Dark" is out on Acetate Records, go pick up a copy today

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