Pigasus – Electric Sister – Lydia Vance – Flexx Bronco – at Boomers Bar- Las Vegas, NV

June 19, 2010

Pigasus in Las VegasThis was a very special night at Boomers, as It was Roxies last show at Boomers. She was the booking agent there.  And for her final fling she had a Powerhouse Line-up. Opening the night festivities was her own band Pigasus. With their hard rock sound they have an incredible line up of musicians.  they just blast through their set and it leaves you wanting more, and that happens every time I see them. My favorite part of their set this night was the last song it was the coolest cover of JAILBREAK that i've heard. Good Luck Roxie at "Las Vegas Country Saloon," we look forward to covering alot of shows there, by the looks of the shows I’ve seen coming up I know i want to come down and check out the gigs you have lined up.

next up was a band from Oakland Calif. "Electric Sister" and these guys were totally electric. The hardest part about photographing these guys was staying out of the way of lead vocalist as he was jumping on tables jumping on the bar, on top of slot machines, and with their hardcore sound their set went by so quick, it was definitely a fast paced set. check them out on MySpace you can listen to their tunes and get a feel for what you will see if you go to one of their shows.

Next up was local band "Lydia Vance"  A 3 piece hardcore/punk band who definitely got the crowd going wild. after the first 2 bands i was beat up from the street up but these guys re-energized me with the punk sound I love so much. Can't wait to see them again. all these bands I review can be seen on MySpace in case you want to listen to them and check out their music.

Closing the show this night was a band from San FranCisco called "FLEXX BRONCO"  they are an interesting mix of sounds and it works, they put on one hell of a show. Their music to me almost sounds like a cross between Lynrd Skynrd/ 38 Special. I would say they are more Southern Rock/HardCore. They did put on a great show, make sure you check their myspace there are 2 songs on their that really rock,  Let's start a barfight/Deadman. That will explain why I think of their style as southern rock. Whatever you may call it, it is really good music to listen to while putting down a few cold ones.

Hats off to Roxie for an amazing line-up, and alot of good shows over the past year that i have been going there. You will be missed.

-Bob Mandoki-
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter


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