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August 27, 2010

Nekromantix Buy Zyprexa no prescription, Like any Friday night, many people were out and about downtown in their city to celebrate getting through the week and hoping the weekend would be one for the records; for San Francisco's rockabilly and psychobilly scene, the celebration was at Slim's for the long-awaited Nekromantix show. Opening for the Danish-American psychobilly band were the Mutilators and the Howlers, 125mg, 150mg, 200mg, 250mg, 5mg, 50mg, 75mg, 100mg, with the show commencing at 9PM sharp.

The Mutilators are natives to the San Francisco area and live up to their name by dressing up as bloody doctors, with the exception of lead vocalist Johnny dolled up as a drag nurse, order Zyprexa from mexican pharmacy. Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas, Their set proved to be all-around entertaining, and somewhat disturbing with Johnny constantly bending over and sticking fingers in his hole, order Zyprexa online overnight delivery no prescription, Australia, uk, us, usa, then proceeding to lick them; it was received with laughters and moans, but Johnny's actions exemplify the true nature of the band: having fun and not giving a fuck, buy Zyprexa without a prescription. Buy Zyprexa from mexico, With the undeniable talents of drummer Eric and bassist James, the Mutilators perform old fashioned rockabilly with humorous and catchy songs, Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, Zyprexa from canadian pharmacy, such as "Gay Love Song for Nick 13", "I Fucked a Zombie", Zyprexa price, New York. Los Angeles, California, and "She Put Her Baby in the Microwave". Another highlight of their set included guitarist Daniel jumping into the crowd in a banana suit and maracas while the rest of the group performed "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"; the Mutilator's brilliance, Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, Buy Zyprexa online cod, talent, and humor easily made them the best act of the night.

The Howlers were up next, reasons to buy Zyprexa online, Zyprexa over the counter, drawing a large and loyal crowd. The Howlers have opened for major acts like Mad Sin and Demented Are Go, and performed a style of psychobilly that was full of energy and undertones of hardcore Punk, buy Zyprexa no prescription. Vocalist Eli Misery graced fans with his eerie and adaptable vocals, purchase Zyprexa online no prescription, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, which blended well with the rest of the band. The Howler's intensity proved to be contagious and created some of the most combative and largest pits of the night, Zyprexa coupon. Buy no prescription Zyprexa online, The skilled psychobilly band concluded with the song "Follow the Wolf" and exited off the stage.

Before the Nekromantix emerged onto the stage, cheers and chants could be heard from all areas of the floor; when the moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived, buy cheap Zyprexa no rx, Zyprexa withdrawal, everyone burst out into applause and praise for the psycho band. Coming out onto the stage with a haunting introduction, 650mg, 800mg, 875mg, 900mg, Zyprexa in cats, dogs, children, the Nekromantix soon ditched lead-in and went full force into their set. Buy Zyprexa no prescription, With their ghoulish romps, wicked shuffles and Kim Nekroman's amazing coffin-shaped standup bass, they performed hit songs such as "Nekrofelia", "Back from the Grave", and "Alive". Although their music tends to be structured around monster and horror themes, buy Zyprexa no prescription, Zyprexa for sale, the group had no problem having fun and humoring the crowd especially when Nekroman announced that it was his birthday, drummer Lux's birthday, rx free Zyprexa, Buy Zyprexa from canada, and guitarist Franc's birthday; he demanded birthday songs for each member and the audience happily sang to them. The Nekromantix closed their hour long set with "Haunted Cathouse", Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, Zyprexa snort, alcohol iteraction, and proceeded with a small encore.

With the venue being so small and intimate, order Zyprexa no prescription, Farmacia Zyprexa baratos, Zyprexa online kaufen, Lux came out to greet fans, take photos, where can i order Zyprexa without prescription, Canada, mexico, india, and promote a clothing line; Johnny and Eric from the Mutilators were also available for autographs and even signed a pair of Johnny's dirty panties he threw out during his performance. The night was young for San Francisco, Zyprexa pharmacy, and although many were going to continue their evening elsewhere, it's a safe assumption to say that attending the Nekromantix show was the best way to start one of the last weekends of summer.

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-Sarah K.-

Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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