Motorhead – Anti-Nowhere League – UK Subs – at The 02 Academy – Glasgow, Scotland

November 5, 2011

MotorheadUp first with only a 30 minute set is the Grandfather of Punk Charlie Harper and the UK Subs, "Tommorows Girl", gets a good response, "Warhead" gets the crowd singing along, as does "stranglehold", Charlie At 66 years young, still has the energy of many bands half his age, along with Jet, Alvin and Jamie the guys are as tight as ever.
The set is over in a flash, but a great way to start the night. I would reckon as much as half of the sold out crowd are here to see the Subs and ANL.
UK Subs

With only a 40 minute slot, We were are treated to a few tracks off the "We are the league" album including Snowman, Streets of London, Woman (one of my favorite all time punk tunes) and to my amazement is also a lot of the ladies favorite songs, So What (the infamous b-side to the 1981 single Streets of London that had the British police seize all copies of it from the bands distributor under the obscene publication act) is played early in the set, lots of bands would keep what many people come to hear till last had the place going wild, it is quite funny that there is people out there that think ANL do this as cover of a Metallica song and don't realize they wrote it. Animal covers all the stage in his usual leathers and menacing look, wouldn't ant to meet him down a dark alley at night.

Anti-Nowhere League

Motorhead ~ Only a few weeks short of his 66th birthday, the iconic figure of Lemmy Kilminster strides on stage with 27 year veteran member guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee and Motorhead launch into an awesome hour and a half set which features tracks from across their impressive back catalog. Motorhead's "The world is yours" is my album of the year this year and they play a couple of tracks from it include a particular favorite,"Get back in line "We get Killed by Death" and a couple of more obscure tracks and the band are on top form.I don`t know why I ever worried about me turning 50 next month when I see the incredible Lemmy powering through the 90 minutes no problem at all.
For the first part of the encore,we get Phil and Mikkey on acoustic guitars while Lemmy sings and plays harmonica on a blues track "Whorehouse Blues" followed by "Ace of Spades" which has the whole place rocking to its rafters.

Lemmy says Glasgow is the best crowd in the UK if not Europe, and he would gladly play here anytime Then back to full power for their final track "overkill" with Mikkey Dee launching into an astonishing bit of power drumming belying the fact he`d been playing at full tilt all night (including an entertaining drum solo with excellent lighting effects) and you`d expect him to slow down, not speed up! The sell out crowd loved it!


-Dod M. and  John M-
Big Wheel Overseas Correspondents

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