Hillbilly DJ Jeff’s Brunch Americana at The Redwood Bar and Grill in Los Angeles

November 23, 2008

Redwood Bar and Grill Los Angeles Pabst Blue Ribbon PhotoThe two hour drive to The Redwood in downtown Los Angles for Hillbilly DJ Jeff's Brunch Americana featuring Sarah Gayle Meech, The Palominos, and headliners from Dallas, Texas 1100 Springs. DJ Jeff host the Brunch Americana every Sunday at the Redwood Bar and Grill. Its free and all ages unless noted starting every Sunday at noon bringing you the best in Rockabilly / Country / Western roots music.

First up was Sarah Gayle Meech who is new on the scene bringing her country rock style to the 100 or so patrons there.  If you have a chance to see her check her out at    

The Palominos photoNext up was The Palominos all the way from San Diego California.  I've heard nothing but good reviews about there Country / Swing / Rockabilly style and they didn't disappoint  There 21 song set included titles such as Drunk Again, One Step Forward, Working Girl, Turn Me Loose 90 Proof, and Aw Shut Up. 
Check out there MySpace at

Finally after two hours of waiting and a few Pabst Blue Ribbon later all the way from Dallas Texas came out 1100 Spring.  EHS is a offshoot of Lone Star Trio (92 - 96) and Strap (96 - 97) both started by Steve Berg and Matt "The Cat" Hillyer.
1100 Springs Photo
EHS is unlike there other two projects it's pure country rock. Joining Matt on Vocal, Steve on Bass there is also a Jordon the Fiddler, Danny on the Pedal Steel Guitar and Brian Ferguson on Drums. There 27 song set list keeps you wondering if it's an EHS original or a classic cover. The show at the Redwood was well received with couples dancing and singing along with the EHS.  Check them out at or

-Mike C-


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