GBH – DPI – Outernational – Hard Pipe Hitters – at Area 702 Skatepark – Las Vegas, NV

June 24, 2010

GBH in Las VegasThis may be one of the coolest places to have a gig at which brings us to 702 skatepark in Las Vegas. Inside the front part of the venue is a skateboard shop, then when you go through the curtains there were skate ramps all over and you start to think how can they have a concert in here. After the kids were done skateboarding they turned the ramps on end rolled them out of the way and set up a barricade in front of the stage and BAM -a concert venue with an instant transformation.
Area 702 Skatepark photo
The show started early as the shows at 702 are all ages shows and must be done by a certain time because of curfew. The first band up was local boys Hard Pipe Hitters. Unfortunately their bass player bailed out on them and they had a stand in for him, so all things considered they put on a pretty good show. I think once they obtain a regular bass player these guys will be tight, but the crowd liked them alot.

Next up from San Diego was DPI "Drunkin Punkin Idiots". The crowd was satrting to come in a little at a time by this point. And theses guys played some hardcore Punk Rock,  Lead singer pulled his shirt over his head like CornHolio from Beavis and Butthead. They were non stop raging Punks from beginning to end, great opening band to get the crowd ready for GBH.

Now comes Outernational from New York, with There were very eclectic sound, Punk, with some rock sound a bit of a MIX of everything. The crowd of Punks were still anticipating the arrival of GBH. but received Outernational very well.
GBH in Las Vegas photo
Now the band everyone was waiting for GBH!! The last time I saw them was many years ago, and they still can rock the house! In between belting out their classic Punk anthems they played songs off their new CD "PISS AND PERFUME" that is out now on Hellcat Records. Their new tunes are just as hard core as their earlier stuff.
GBH at 702 Skatepark in Las Vegas
Colin gave praise to this kid who was in a wheelchair and was right in the middle of THE PIT!!!  This kid was tearing up the floor getting his chair on 1 wheel doing wheelies and still keeping up with the fast pace SLAM PIT!!! Once the music started the whole floor turned into a nice slamming vortex pit. It was absolutely amazing to watch.
In closing GBH tore it up, and we certainly look forward to covering shows from at Area 702 Skatepark in the future, there are some great shows coming up and we plan to cover as many of them as we can.


Bob Mandoki
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter


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