Cadillac Tramps – Swingin Utters – Cobra Skulls – at Club Azul Tequila – Las Vegas, NV

May 27, 2011

Cadillac Tramps - Swinging Utters - Cobra Skulls - at Club Azul Tequila - Ls Vegas, NV - May 27, 2011Last night’s concert over at Tequila Azul nightclub proved to be quite the fire starting grand kickoff of 2011’s Punk Rock Bowling festivities. There to start off the nights madness was none other than SideOneDummy records own Joe Sib, a Punk rock storyteller/comedian of sorts. His brand of comedy stems from his life experiences in and around the Punk scene dating back to the 1980s.   The very alcohol friendly crowd who had gathered early was quite receptive of Joe’s insightful jokes that often dealt with the awkward phases of his life growing up in northern California.
Joe Sib Punk Rock Bowling 2011
As a crowd whose primary musical interest is punk rock, Joes story involving his pinhead try out for the Ramones went over with a laugh from everyone, though unfortunate enough for him, he lost that position to Eddie Vedder of pearl jam.

The first band of the night was Nevada’s own Cobra Skulls. Hailing from Reno, the band was already in tune with the party friendly Punk rock atmosphere engulfing Tequila Azul. Their brand of punk was welcomed as fans danced away to their tunes, often in a circle pit or pogo form. Expect big things from the cobra skulls in the upcoming year, they are on the rise, and if its any indication from their pub performance, you too will be singing their praises.

Up next were San Francisco’s Punk rock heroes the Swingin Utters, a band who’ve made their name playing to fans all over the world since the 90s. It was during their set that the circle pit began to really resemble a violent storm.

A big crowd had turned out for them as they’d gone on just after midnight, and as imagined, the beer was flowing more than a plenty. Check out the photo of their set list pictured in our gallery to get an idea of your favorite tunes they played at Punk rock bowling.

Headlining the night were southern California legends The Cadillac tramps. The club at this point in time was already a full on outdoor mini warped tour with at least 500 fans right in front of the stage.
Cadillac Tramps Punk Rock Bowling
The Cadillac tramps had no problem working the crowd, however their was a brief brawl amongst a few fans which sparked lead vocalist Gabby to ask the two fighters to touch tongues in exchange for disrupting their set. As their set went on past 1 am the crowd had began to thin as many made their way back to Sam’s town casino in hopes of doing some last minute drinking and gambling.

The Punk Rock bBwling festival was due to start the following morning and from what we witnessed, many were going to wake up Saturday feeling quite hung over with quite a lot ahead of them.

                   More photos of the show can be seen HERE

-Louie Bones.-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter

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