Black Fag – Girl-illa Biscuits – The Buzzcuts – and Smart Patrol – at Alex’s Bar – Long Beach, CA

November 30, 2012

Black FagWhat if the members of Black Flag performed with fabulous flamboyance and Gorilla Biscuits’ hardcore sound was conveyed by fast and furious women? If this imaginative scenario kindles wonder and intrigue, prepare for an eccentric show full of identity deconstruction and man-thongs, as Punk tribute bands Smart Patrol, Black Fag, Girl-illa Biscuits, and The Buzzcuts are hitting the Los Angeles show circuit this weekend and showing off more than gender inversion.

Last night’s show at Alex’s Bar started with openers The Buzzcuts. The audience demographic mostly consisted of an older crowd amalgamated with young hipsters in high hair buns.

By the time Girl-illa Biscuits took the stage, the ambience completely changed. Girl-illa Biscuits’ set was a prominent moment during the night as they blew away the crowd with their momentum and energy. The band announced they traveled all the way from San Francisco, and strongly encouraged fans to come up on stage and sing into the extra microphones they had set up.

Girl-illa Biscuits

The most notable performance of the night was Black Fag, whose set incorporated pink balloons, sexy male go-go dancers, flamboyant costumes, and a guest appearance by the notorious “Lindsay Lohan.” The band’s take on “T.V. Party” became “Lindsay Party,” and during the song’s performance, Lindsay behaved belligerently on stage and was arrested by the band’s sexy cop/go-go dancer.

Black Fag

The performative nature of each band member was a comical and pleasurable experience, especially go-go dancer, "Bugger", who flaunted his package in a g-string.

Black Fag


                             More photos of the show can be seen HERE

-Stephanie M.-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter




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