Adolescents – Dr Know – Union 13 – and Vermin – at The Bunk House – Las Vegas, NV

May 25, 2012

Adolescents - Dr Know - Union 13 - and Vermin - at The Bunk House - Las Vegas, NV The 14th annual Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival kicked off with a series of 21+ shows Friday night in downtown Las Vegas, with shows taking place at the Country Saloon, Beauty Bar, Bunkhouse, and Azul Tequila. Friday night’s show at the Bunkhouse provided performances from The Vermin, Union 13, Dr. Know, and The Adolescents.

Opening band The Vermin were an excellent treat to the show and provided a special appearance by Tony Reflex of The Adolescents. Tony performed two Adolescents songs with The Vermin: “I Got a Right” and “No Friends.”

The night consisted of all the makings of a Punk rock show: beer, crowd surfers, stage divers, circle pits, fists in the air, and loud chaotic scenes. Each band of the night provided these elements of bliss, and with the venue’s stage being outdoors, the setting and environment carried one of a backyard party in Los Angeles. This sentiment was widespread and was made vocal during Union 13’s set when vocalist Edward Escoto inquired who was from LA and gave shout outs to the immensely overwhelming amount of people who came in from LA.
Punk Rock Bowling Gig and Show Photo
     "We came to have fun!!!"

Crowd photo - Punk Rock Bowling 2012
Being the last two bands of the night, Dr. Know and Adolescents both dove in and enabled their distinct hardcore sounds. Dr. Know resulted in fans constantly shouting “OXNARD! OXNARD!” and likewise Adolescents resulted in fans screaming “ORANGE COUNTY! HELL YEAH BIG BAD OC!” Dr. Know’s 45 minute set provided thrashy hardcore songs while Adolescents performed their early 80’s punk sound made renowned by the blue album.
Adolescents at Punk Rock Bowling
 At the end of the night, Adolescents ended their show with the usual “Kids of the Black Hole” farewell, and provided an encore consisting of “Do the Freddy,” a cover of Dead Boys’ “Sonic Reducer,” and “I Hate Children.”

Adolescents Set List:
No Way - Inspiration - Who is Who - Self-Destruct - Operation FTW - Lockdown America - LA Girl
Creatures - Things Start Moving - OC Confidential - One Nation Under Siege - Amoeba - Wrecking Crew
Rip it Up - Peace Don’t Cost a Thing - Kids of The Black Hole

-Stephanie M.-

Big Wheel Senior Staff Reporter

                     More photos of the show can be seen HERE

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