The Fort LA in downtown Los Angeles will be opening as an All Ages multi purpose music space

November 24, 2012

The Fort LA in downtown Los Angeles will be opening as an All Ages multi purpose music spaceHere in Los Angeles we have a lot to be thankful for, and we are all especially thankful that there is always a group of people that create places for the music scene to grow and flourish. Big Wheel Magazine was just given an exclusive look inside the a new place where music will grow in downtown Los Angeles. The place is call The LA Fort and it's a not-for-profit co-op and it is DIT (Do It Together) as opposed to DIY which they are hoping will encourage everyone who wants to be involved to get involved since there is no one asshole at the top dictating what will and won't happen in the space. All walks of life are welcome to participate as long as the goal is to keep the Fort alive. Their mission is to provide a safe and neutral space for positive expression in an all ages environment in an effort to help grow and nurture the arts and music community in Los Angeles.

The Fort Los Angeles photo
The Fort LA photo
The Fort Los Angeles
The Fort in downtown Los Angeles photo

The Fort will be the hub for different circles, clicks, groups, and ideologies to come together and create new, unexpected interactions and act as a home for artists and musicians traveling through. With creative collaboration as one of the top priorities, The Fort aims to get people out of their normal patterns and better connect Los Angeles. Besides an event space, there will be lock outs, shared artist space, and touring band bedroom.

Check out this video for more background on The Fort

Currently they have an IndieGoGo fundraiser right now, the contributions will be going towards building out the lockouts, fixing up the shared artist space, finishing the soon to be 10,000 watt PA, and making sure we can pay rent while we do this. Right now there are between 5-10 people going to work at the Fort for free every day after they get off of their regular jobs. No one is making a cent; just working towards a common goal.

The upstairs is being built out for band lockouts, a touring band bedroom and other multi-use areas

The Fort will not be officially open to the public till January 2013 and each show's profits will be split 60/40 in favor of the bands -and The Fort will NOT be doing any "Pay to Play" type shows. However, there is an "Invite Only" event happening on Friday November 30th.

The show is a "Build the Fort Benefit" and the bands on the bill will be:

Nightmare Enterprises - Horror Punk band from LA, it's going to be their first show ever.
The Peeks / Facebook page - A power trio from Burbank - These guys played the Big Wheel anniversary party and if you like Rancid meets The Dils, you are gonna dig them.
Fallujah 71 / Facebook page - Blitz Rock power trio that have been a long time favorite of ours here at Big Wheel.
Sloppy Jane / Facebook page - Femme-Grunge Rock from LA that sound like L7 and Sharp Ease -A must see band.
M31 / Facebook page - Neo-Psychedelia from LA which mixes The Cramps with a 60's garage vibe.

Now if you want to go to this, hit up one of the bands that are playing this show on their Facebook and RSVP to get an invite.... More info on getting an invite can be found HERE.

All proceeds from the show will go directly to construction materials, water, power, getting the licenses necessary to stay open. The show is to support the efforts going on there so they can provide the services other than just throwing shows that will allow them to survive in the future.

Get involved today HERE:

Add yourself as a friend to The Fort Los Angeles Facebook page HERE

Perhaps you have been one of those people that has complained about the lack of All Ages venues or that there are too many places that disrespect bands by making them sell tickets in order to play, as well as a need for a place that celebrates the music -Then this is a place you need to support if you care about the music scene and it's future here in Los Angeles.


             More photos of this inside look at The Fort LA can be seen HERE

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