Super Sonic Piss Preview: at El Corita in Pasadena, CA on May 7th, 2011

April 19, 2011


Super Sonic Piss Preview: at El Corita, Pasadena, CA May 7th, 2011 show previewSupersonic Piss is all about getting fucked up and having a good time. They have a raw, hardcore sound full of energy and aggression. Lead vocalist Paige roars, screams, and wails as if she is possessed by a wild animal, and puts on a stage show equally as powerful. Joe Ross is one of the most solid and hard hitting drummers the Midwest has to offer. The music is sporadic and unpredictable, filled with random time changes and breakdowns spun though out their trashy, mosh pit inspiring riffs and beats.  They bring a punk rock attitude to their stage show, making for one sweaty and enjoyable rock out experience.

They are hitting the road soon to promote the release of their newest album, Umbilical Noose, which comes out April 20th on Rotted Tooth Records. Their month long, Spread Eagle Tour starts off in Chicago and makes it way through the Midwest, up to Seattle, and down the West Coast, stopping in Los Angeles on May 7th before heading through the Southwest and back to their hometown of Iowa City, IA.The Los Angeles show will be held at El Corita, a bar in Lincoln Heights, and features a tight line up of local acts.  Opening the show will be L Ron’s Cupboard, a trippy, jazzy jam band featuring Shayne and Mike of Spider Problem, and Mindee and Manny from Dangerously Sleazy. They vocals are mesmerizing and the music is flowing, an eclectic mix of blues, rock, punk, and jazz. The Crystelles are also on the bill, a mystical blues rock experience with Gitane DeMone of Christian Death wailing her heart out with her unique powerhouse vocals, and her beautiful and mysterious daughter Zara pounding on the drums.The Richard Ramirez Beatdown will be bringing the rock with their old school punk/rock/blues sound that is sure to get the crowd moving. They are heavy, solid, and totally in your face. Closing the show is the Schoenberg Knife Fight Ensemble, a psychedelic stoner rock jam band, with a crazy, all over the place vocalist that leaves you confused, questioning wither or not this man is serious about what he just did. They are fast, fun, and furious, a perfect way to end an extreme night of rocking.

The Show is at El Corita, 2676 Pasadena Ave, Los Angeles CA It is 5 bucks and 21 plus. Show starts at 8:30 pm.

You can get a sneak peek of Supersonic Piss’ new album, Umbilical Noose, at
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-Mindiana Jones

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