Show Preview: 7 Seconds – Magazine Dirty – and Rotting Out – at SLO Brew – San Luis Obispo, CA – September 21, 2014

September 15, 2014

Punk icons, 7 Seconds, will be at SLO Brew on Sunday, September 21st and If you like good music you’ll be there as well. 7 Seconds shaped my entire opinion of Hardcore Punk rock and defined a generation with their extremely influential and original sound.

Having been to several 7 Seconds shows in my time, I can honestly say, they have never once failed to live up to their reputation of being amazing performers.

7 Seconds formed in Reno NV in 1980, and have remained a staple of the Punk scene for over 3 decades.  Throughout this time they have released 16 albums, the latest of which being Leave A Light On, which they released on Rise Records in 2014. The band successfully cemented themselves as Hardcore legends when they released their immortal album "The Crew" in 1984. This album was a perfect representation of true Hardcore with anthems like “"Young 'Til I Die" and "Clenched Fists, Black Eyes". Although the band’s sound started off hard and fast with releases like "Walk Together, Rock Together", their later albums have moved toward a slower and much more melodic Punk sound. This new and innovative sound greatly influenced many of the Pop Punk artists of today.

The bands current lineup is Kevin Seconds (vocals), Steve Youth (bass), Troy Mowat (drums), and Bobby Adams (guitar). In an interview with AMP magazine in 2005, Kevin seconds himself explained the origins of the band’s name when he said, "We were big fans of The Dils, they had this EP, 198 Seconds of The Dils and I was so in love with Punk Rock that I would just write album titles on my clothes. This was still when Steve and I lived with my mom. We had this desk in this room we shared and I wrote '197 seconds of The Dils,' I miswrote the title. Over time, everything else faded, but the 7 Seconds part was there, and I circled it, I thought it looked cool." I have to say Kevin, it still looks pretty fucking cool!

While band has been a major part of the Straight-Edge subculture, they have never fully supported the more militant aspects of the movement. Kevin Seconds also helped start the “Youth Crew”, a subgenre of Hardcore Punk that focuses on optimism and a moralist outlook with mainly straight-edge and vegan supporters.

These guys are going to love the central coast crowd, and it will be an event that none of us will soon forget. 7 Seconds will be accompanied by a local and more traditional style Punk band called "Magazine Dirty", and a Hardcore group named "Rotting Out". Can’t wait to lace up my boots and head downtown for this epic night. See you at the show!

-T. Wallace-
Big Wheel Contributor


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