Billy Idol Preview – at The Hollywood Palladium Aug 14, 2010

July 22, 2010

 IdolBack in merry ol England in the mid to late 1970's there were few bands creating their own brand of rock n roll that would come to be known as Punk Rock. "Generation X" fronted by a young vocalist named Billy Idol were among the first and finest of the genre.

Generation X would go on to release 2 LP's by 1979 and another in 1981. Without a steady lineup they would soon disband only to kick start Billy's career as a solo performer under the stage name of Billy Idol. The 1980's were a very good time for Billy, his first full length record would go on to spawn 3 very successful singles ; "Hot In The City", "Dancing With Myself" and his biggest hit to date "White Wedding", making him a chart topping pop culture icon and his music videos a staple on MTV. He'd also make the cover of Rolling Stone magazine wearing nothing but leather underwear, catholic rosaries and a bondage belt.

His second full length "Rebel Yell" would bring him to new heights with 4 singles, the most popular of them being "Rebel Yell" and the ballad "Eyes Without A Face". Billy's Punk Rock attitude and image mixed with the sensibilities of Pop made him the first of the Punk Rock class of 1977 to crossover into being a household name in America and all over the world (Just see the 1998' film The Wedding Singer). Peroxide bleached hair, leather galore and a whiplash smile are some of his features that he still is known for to this day. His live show is one that after 34 years still hits with full force from start to finish.

Expect to hear a few new songs, the ever popular cover "Mony Mony" and of course the number 1 hit that put Billy Idol and guitarist Steve Stevens on the map for all time. Billy Idol is a living legend in the flesh and bone bringing you the best of 70's UK Punk and 80's New Wave all rolled into one hell of a Rock N' Roll show. Every summer there are shows you want to go to, and shows you MUST go to, Billy Idol at the Hollywood Palladium falls into the MUST category. This is a show not to miss.

Billy Idol at the Hollywood Palladium - Los Angeles, CA August 14, 2010

-Louie B.
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter


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