The Pullmen – The Western Score

June 16, 2013

When I was first handed The Pullmen’s EP “The Western Score” to review I was skeptical at best about how a band could successfully convey a western thrash musical vibe to someone listening to their band.

And what I found when first listening to the band took my misguided skepticism and threw out a metaphorical window of a thirty story building never to be seen or heard from again.

This album is a must have for anyone that is into Thrash, and Western music. The fourth track of the EP entitled “Mourning Song” lyrically speaks of man that has learned a lesson about how in life hind sight is truly 20/20; conveying that message with a musical delivery reminiscent of “Against Me!” with a dash of “Johnny Cash” thrown in for a melodic kick, all the while, taking that aforementioned sound to a whole new level.

The Pullmen are currently working on a new EP that is being released later this year. Until then catch out on their musical history and check out “The Western Score.” The EP can be found HERE


-Ryan R.-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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