The Insurgence – Elimination

April 13, 2013

The Insurgence - EliminationIf this is the first time you are hearing about Seattle Washington’s own The Insurgence then hold onto your seats. I can say that it certainly won’t be the last time you hear about them, this band is rad at what they do and If you are particularly interested in Hardcore Punk mixed in with balls to the wall Thrash Metal then this band should be on your radar and this record should be on your player.

One can’t listen to this record without feeling the urge to get up and slam as it seems this record was tailored for just that.  It has plenty of screaming over loud and fast guitars and drums that seemed picked right out of the 80’s. There are many instances where you may be reminded of Poison Idea or The Dwarves which I think The Insurgence would take as compliment, I mean how could they not? This album is full of pissed off songs that represent what this band is best at, angry social and political infused Punk Rock mosh anthems.

There are a number of stand out tracks that you should sample soon before you go out and buy this album and those are; “We Can’t Be Stopped”, “Elimi-Nation” and “Cocaine Wasteland”. After listening to those do yourself the ultimate favor and go get this record, it’s gonna be one of the best choices you make in Punk purchases this year.


-Louie Bones-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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