Stigma – For Love and Glory

June 12, 2013

There are few names in Punk Rock as respected as Vinnie Stigma, and for good reason. From founding Agnostic Front, one of the most iconic Hardcore bands of all time, to NYHC Tattoo, and even saving the life of a child in Melbourne last year, it seems there is very little he hasn't done (though he is not publishing a children's book telling the plot of "The Warriors" with bunny rabbits.


That was a joke. Please stop asking where to buy it.). And now his new project Stigma has released their second album titled "For Love & Glory" available through Durty Mick Records.


"For Love & Glory" is 13 furious songs about working, drinking, surviving, and loving music, averaging about two and a half minutes each, but this isn't just another hardcore album from the "Godfather of Hardcore". While there are some recognizably NYHC breakdowns and lead-ins, there is an undeniably strong Oi! sound to many of the tracks, especially "Don't Lose Faith" and "The Spirit Remains". Lars Fredericksen helped co-produce the album, and the punk influence is similarly identifiable, as on "Free Your Mind". 

Some fans may find the album disappointing on first listen, as it is a more complex and varied album than previous Stigma projects, but the songs are infectious, and have a tendency to creep into your mind. Given some time, this album will probably be able to win over even the most dedicated Hardcore fans. 

If you'd like to check out the album for yourself, you can pick up a copy from Durty Mick HERE

 or you can preview tracks HERE



-Jo Problems-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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