Scattered Hamlet – Hellbilly Harmony

April 15, 2011

cattered Hamlet - Hellbilly HarmonyHaving never heard of Scattered Hamlet prior and not knowing what to expect at all, I must say I was pleasantly surprised upon listening to their newest self released ep “Hellbilly Harmony“.

Sensible rock hooks and gritty hillbilly anthems is what this album spells out from the opening track “Friends” to closer “Hell Rider”. The accompanying artwork’s imagery and southern rock like vocals combined with grungy guitar work make for a trip down south of the mason Dixon line and possibly south of heaven as well. While not a full on punk or metal album, “Hellbilly Harmony” finds Scattered Hamlet fitted nicely in between. They’re at a place where commercial acceptance would be very likely and surprisingly unavoidable with their alternative yet MTV friendly sound. One could easily expect to hear the likes of em in an episode of Jackass or sports related X-Games program. This 4 song ep provides enough testosterone to fuel a day out riding motorcycles or hunting deer, something that the members of Scattered Hamlet are probably very fond of considering their musical attack and imagery. The feel and sound of the American South’s influence is modernized for punk and metal consumption.

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-Louie B.-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter



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