Roger Rivas – Autumn Breeze

October 14, 2013

Roger Rivas - Autumn Breeze"Autumn Breeze" is the sophomore release from Rivas Records following up the intensely popular ‘Sabor A Mi/First Attack’ 45rpm release which has found its way into heavy rotation amongst Dancehall Dj’s near and far. And by all indications this 7 track gem will be siting in the “Choice” crates along side it very soon, Roger Rivas known for his sheer mastery of the organ keys displays much more of the same on Autumn Breeze along with wonderful composition and song progression.

Autumn Breeze is caked from beginning to end with Melodica making this Album a true favorite for Roots aficionado. The album flows as its name implies: Cool and refreshing yet stiff enough to keep you on your toes ‘Autumn Breeze’ ‘Cold Damage’ & ‘Lazy Lover’ provide a wonderful balance to the organ fury seen on other tracks: ‘Brown Star Line’ ‘Heavier Rock’ and my favorite ‘The Hawk’. Featuring original Roots Radics Drummer and Noe Santana from Los Bullets combine to make refreshingly new breeze to brush against the reggae lover’s ears.

“The inspiration comes from the 70’s Jackie Mittoo Sound. I love many eras of Jamaican music so I am just drawing in from my influences. In this case Jackie, Augustus Pablo, Winston Wright and also Roots Radics. In a world where everyone is putting out Rocksteady right now I wanted to touch on a time period that is not really getting touched on right now. Jackie Mittoo was a genius all the way through his career, from ‘Evening Time to ‘Macka Fat’, there is pure Jackie flavor and progression. From Rocksteady to Roots Reggae, Jackie knows what to play. I think I am just kind of naturally following in my hero’s footsteps. I get it! I see where Senor Mittoo is coming from. No one will ever be as great as the originals. Its fun to try” –Roger Rivas



-Gio Van Dam-
Big Wheel Contributor


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