Opposition Rising – Aftermathematics

April 19, 2012

Opposition Rising - AftermathematicsOpposition Rising is a new and upcoming band that claim to have "four well-seasoned veterans" of the infamous Hardcore and Punk scene of Boston.
The main goal of forming their band was to mix "their favorite elements from all the sub-genres of Punk into one aggressive...sound DIY ethic and intelligent lyrics!" I'll admit- I was skeptical of their monumental claim, but they do indeed live up to their self-proclaimed hype. "Aftermathematics", which was released on their own Opposition Records, provides listeners with aggressive, in-your-face tunes, like the starting track "Rising" and "Pink Slip Murder Suicide". What really makes Opposition Rising's "Aftermathematics" enjoyable is the insightful and brilliant lyrics, mostly shown in "The Rich Are Killing the Poor".

Opposition Rising also appear on the Four Way Split 7" with In Defense, Hellmouth, and Embrace the Kill. If you're a fan of what makes the Boston Hardcore scene so acclaimed, then "Aftermathematics" is something you should pick up!


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-Sarah K.-
Big Wheel Staff Writer


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