New Rides of the Furious Swampriders – Compilation

August 14, 2012

New Rides of the Furious Swampriders = CompilationThis is the fourth title in the Furious Swampriders collection, a series of compilations designed to be "different, rusty, dusty, dirty with edges" according to the history presented in the liner notes. It is certainly that. With artists spanning from the well-known like Deborah Harry,to the more obscure like The Dad Horse Experience, and songs that are a hectic mix of funk, Punk, soul, blues, country, and gypsy, this is certainly not something easily categorized.

Fans of the weird and esoteric may already be aware of this series, and have been keeping a lookout for it, but anyone into cattlecore, The Hangmen, Blackbird Raum, or even Rob Zombie's seminal movie "House of 1000 Corpses" would probably enjoy having this album on hand for those nights when everything goes a little weird and you need a soundtrack to match. You can find it, and the three equally eclectic preceding albums on Sireena Records here:


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-Jo Problems-
Big Wheel Staff Journalist


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