Naked Aggression / All or Nothing H.C. Split – Bring Me The Head Of

August 29, 2011

Naked Aggression / All or Nothing H.C. Split - Bring Me The Head OfOut of the selection of records given to me to review, the first one that I chose was the Naked Aggression and All or Nothing H.C. Split. Not only was I familiar with both groups, but the album cover immediately caught my attention. Full of disembodied and bloody characters that are widely known throughout the world, such as Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald, Santa Claus, and the Kool Aid guy, the artwork goes hand in hand with the title, "Bring Me the Head Of...".

Both artists maintain the theme of dismissing these media characters and what they represent, especially in the Naked Aggression tracks "Take a Stand", "Mr. Businessman", "Party Down". In true anarcho-Punk style, they also address anger, frustration, and the need for change with government ("Wretched Refuse" and "Line in the Stand"-All or Nothing H.C.; "F.S.U", "Shafted", "Bankrupt"- Naked Aggression). Overall, the music on this split is excellent, with the snarls, screams, and fast instrumentals showcasing the passion and dedication for the causes that each band stands for.

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-Sarah K.-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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