Left Alone – Hate The Day EP

May 12, 2013

Left Alone - Hate The Day EP ReviewA few weeks ago i was Lucky enough to catch one of Hellcat Record's finest Left Alone in Modesto, California. It was the start of their tour with Voodoo Glow Skulls promoting the releases of Dale La Boota “Mexican Give Em The Boot” and the new ep “Hate The Day”.

I got talking to Elvis and the others after their exciting and fun set and decided to review their brand new 4 song cd released by Hellcat Records and Smelvis Records. “Hate the Day” is a really good ep, I like it alot because in my opinion it gives a splash of everything this awesome band has to offer, there is two Ska style songs and two faster Punk style songs making it a rad and exciting listen.

The first song “Hate The Day” is a catchy popy Ska Punk number with lots of great bass lines and organ throughout, the lyrics are just as catchy as the song and the chorus is simple and fun. Elvis hates the day he met an ex girlfriend, he loves the day she left and he doesn't miss her at all. “Hate the Day is a great song and it's one I imagine myself skanking too later this month at Punk Rock Bowling.

Like I mentioned earlier not all the songs are as happy and as feel good, “Stuck in a Haze” is much faster and a little harsher, with lots of bass slapping. I am no expert but I'm pretty sure James their super rad and totally talented bass player is using an upright bass for this one, it's fast paced but still very melodic, Left Alone can play hard and fast of slow but they always keep everything melodic. I think this song is about life taking its toll and life on the road being an some what an escape.

The next track is called “Jen” and it goes right back to that classic Left Alone's Ska Punk sound heard on the first song, this one however is not about an ex but about a girl he met on a HorrorPops tour back in 2005. Pretty much every Left Alone's song is a story and that's one of the things I love most about this band. The track has lots of organ, lots of great bass lines and is super catchy.

Last but not least, the cd finishes with a straight up fast paced Punk song called “Wall Street” this one is faster, heavier and political, which a little different, but totally rad. “Wall Street” is about greed, money corruption and how we need to protest and take our country from the rich. I really like this track alot and it's great to hear a band that covers more than one genre and does it well.

This EP comes in a nice digi pack and has cool cover art of kids riding their bikes, the inside has a photo of all the band members and the lyrics are included. If you are gonna be in Las Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling, make sure you check them out on Friday May 24, 2013 at The Fremont Country Club .... You will not be disappointed.

-Brian McCann Jr.-
Big Wheel Contributor

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