Kevin Flynn & the Avondale Ramblers – The Broken Pavement of Avondale

March 8, 2013

Years ago I was in Chicago to ring in the new year with The Tossers, and one of the opening bands hands down stole the show. I love it when this happens. It wasn't that The Tossers were bad, far from it, they were in top form and their set went for literally hours, but something about Kevin Flynn & the Avondale Ramblers sent our whole group upstairs to buy CDs before the next band came on.

And then we waited. And waited. And at first it seemed like those few albums were all we'd ever get, but then suddenly, a ray of light shone down and this week saw the release of "The Broken Pavement of Avondale"

You want this album. You want it if you love Chicago, if you love your hometown, if you like Irish-American Folk Rock, if you like catchy songs with great lyrics, if you love whiskey, and albums that fit every moment of your life.

"Broken Pavement of Avondale" is twelve songs of anthems to summer nights growing up in the city, Chicago history and politicians, the world's most beautiful love song (to whiskey, who else?), practical tips on surviving Lent, and a solution to the nation's governmental problems (throw 'em in the river). They're funny, rollicking, and more than just another carbon copy Celtic Punk band. 


You can listen to tracks, and grab the album in the format of your choosing


-Jo Problems-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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