Haskala – Untethered and Undone

March 16, 2013

Haskala - Untethered and UndoneWith a genre like ska spanning several generations, it is not hard to find a specific band for people of different preferences and ages. Los Angeles band Haskala exemplifies the depth and wide range of what Ska music has to offer. 

With their debut album “Untethered & Undone “ being literally just that, the band recorded their first ever performance at the world famous Molly Malone’s in Hollywood giving rise to this 12-track album.

For it being the first performance as an ensemble, this album flows with a sense of fluidity throughout. Mixed in with some impromptu story telling and “Shtick”, it cant help but draw comparisons to 90’s counterparts like The Aquabats, Planet Smashers and to a certain extent Real Big Fish. The catchy pop Ska melodies blended with a bluesy harmonica and a Kazoo as well as the presence of front man Steven Schub and Dan Kay from Dirty Rotten Horns on trumpet make for a nice listen. There are definite stand out tracks like their cover of The Beatles “Taxman” and “Woke Up Wake Up” to enjoy. I can envision Haskala on the same bill with the likes of The Aquabats conveying that same type of general fun and pop Ska dance energy. Fans of that style of Ska will no doubt flock to Haskala.

-Gio Van Damn-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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