False Alarm – Buspar for Bedbug

March 24, 2013

The liner notes for this album outline a sporadic history with short bursts of activity, and long breaks. It also outlines a pretty impressive list of big names in Punk Rock. From Fat Mike to Cheetah Chrome, it seems like despite the band's long periods of inactivity, everyone has had a finger in this pot at one time or another.

"Buspar for Bedbug" includes studio tracks recorded in 2001 and 2002, as well as live rehearsals, and tracks from the band's start in 1983, and a reunion in 1998. There's a few songs everyone will recognize, including "Vietnamese Baby" and "High Tension Wire". Original songs cover some of the usual Punk Rock topics about not liking the government, being a frustrated youth, and so on. Most of the songs are reminiscent of the minimalist melodic SoCal Punk bands that ended up on Bomp like The Last or The Urinals, but the constantly shifting lineup is apparent in the songs. Viewed as a compilation CD, this is a great album, and collectors or rabid fans will probably want it in their collection just because of the names involved. Early Post-Punk fans should definitely give this one a listen.



-Jo Problems-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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