Dave Hillyard – Dave Hillyard Presents California

July 7, 2013

Dave Hillyard - Dave Hillyard Presents California"Dave Hillyard Presents: California" is simply brilliant in every sense of the word. It cant be overstated the amount of sheer quality and mastery dripping from this album from beginning to end. 

From start to finish this twelve-track gem offers so much, touching on the many styles and influences fans of Dave Hillyard have come to love. From the first song “Wont Back Down” we are introduced to just a few of the stellar cameo’s “California” has to offer with Jesse Wagner (Aggrolites) Greg Narvas (Hepcat) Chiquis Lazoya (Expanders) and Vic Ruggiero (The Slackers) to only name a few.

Quickly followed by “Guilty” and the twin vocal dominance of Greg Lee & Alex Desert (Hepcat) I found myself resisting all urges to get up and start dancing, it was that overpowering. The same could be said for the entire album from a wonderfully soothing jazz style “interlude #2” to “Tenderly” featuring the stunning Violin work of Regina Sadowski. Dave Hillyard’s hard work and fingerprints are all over “California” at times up front and center and at other times laying back, but his infectious saxophone mastery and song writing is always present. Even amongst some of the finest artists the ear cant help but seek out Dave doing what he does best.

This album must be listened to in its entirety to grasp the scope of its perfection and representation of what some of the best from the west coast to the east have offered for years. Please do yourself a favor and purchase this masterpiece and count tracks like “Fortunate One” featuring Devin Morrison and Chiquis Lazoya (The Expanders) and the haunting yet beautiful tune “Baby Smile” amongst your personal prized collection, featuring Sean Wheeler and Regina Sadowski.

The replay value of “California” is off the charts, and any serious music lover with an ear for quality musicianship can clearly see this is more than a collection of amazing artists, it’s a culmination of years of passion and dedication masterfully conceived and executed to the highest degree. Find this gem at and follow him on Twitter @Daveslackers1.

The album can be bought via download HERE



-Gio Van Dam-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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