D.O.A. – We Come In Peace

January 29, 2013

D.O.A. - We Come In PeaceThere are few bands that survive multiple decades in this scene that can still release an album capable of kicking ass from start to finish. Luckily Canadian Punks D.O.A. are amongst the few that succeed in putting out quality records, and with We Come In Peace they are now at their fourteenth and final album of their career.

This album has everything that D.O.A. fans would hope to hear when they insert this disc into their stereo.The upbeat rhythms are a plenty and Joey Shithead's vocal approach remains gritty and nasty, a style that no one can do better than him. More than just hardcore innovators, this album sees the trio mess around with Reggae leanings, a style they mix well with the hardcore Punk they’re best known for. With a guest vocal appearance from Jello Biafra on the modern social anthem “We Occupy”, D.O.A. demonstrate that they’re not old timers singing about the good old days in the scene, but rather taking on issues important to North America in 2012 (when the album was recorded)

There is a cover of The Beatles classic “Revolution” that really shows the band having fun with what must have been an influence dating back to their formative years as a band in the 1970’s. The album closes with an acoustic version of a “General Strike”, a classic D.O.A. hit that older fans will surely appreciate.

Over all this album is everything a great Punk rock record needs to be, especially by a band with such a rich back catalog. D.O.A. will be remembered amongst the best of Punk rock and this album will serve as a rich point in their long recording career.

-Louie Bones-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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