Bryan McPherson – American Boy/ American Girl

May 1, 2012

Thirty five years on this year, and Punk isn't dead, but it is growing up. And that's not (entirely) a bad thing. Sure, there's Ramones t-shirts in Urban Outfitters, and Iggy Pop on classic rock stations, but there's also parents bringing their kids to gigs, massive international festivals, and organizations like Strummerville or Inked for a Cause. .

This maturation of Punk rock can also be seen in the new surge in popularity of "folk punk" acts like Frank Turner or Beans on Toast. Maturity and perspective has shown us that we don't always need to scream to be heard.

But this doesn't mean we're mellowing. If anything, spitting your message through clenched teeth gives it a dangerous edge. When you have to listen for the threat, it hits you that much harder. Case in point is Bryan McPherson's newest album "American Boy/ American Girl".

McPherson comes from Dorchester, MA, a neighborhood familiar to Street Dogs fans, and anyone who grew up scrabbling in Boston, but this album comes after his move to California. It's also his first on a label, his first album "14 Stories" he sold himself out of the trunk of his car. And he sold 2,000 copies because he's that damn good.

Joe Strummer sang "anger can be power, know that you can use it," and Bryan McPherson does. With the disdainful sneer of Dave Van Ronk, the soulfulness of a young Lou Reed, and the unbridled rage that comes from being aware in the world today, "American Boy/ American Girl" touches on everything from workers' rights to gender identity discrimination, to love and crushing loss.

This is an album that speaks truth to power, truth to emotion, and truth to being, and it does it with force, intelligence, and flashes of humor. And it's punk as hell.

You can listen and purchase the album HERE  
               and follow Bryan, currently on tour with Ducky Boys, HERE

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-Jo Problems-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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