Biv and the Mnemonics – The Pace

April 13, 2013

Biv and the Mnemonics - The PaceOnce in a great while a band comes along that encourages thought and inspiration through their art. For a band to accomplish such a feat said band would need to bring the listener into a specific frame of mind; a frame of mind that does not overpower the listener’s senses while delicately keeping them aware of their surrounding yet keeping the listener focus on what comes next in the listeners life.

Biv and the Mnemonics album The Pace succeeds in doing just that. By integrating a melodic balance of rhythmic Folk-Rock musical style along with solid lyrical content Biv and the Mnemonics are able to improve any listeners’ mood over all.


At first glance the lyrics throughout the album speak of good times gone by and a life that has become a distant memory. However, it is the essence of reflective thought present in the album’s subtle undertone that somehow aids in communicating a deeper message; a message that proudly speaks of moving on through life without allowing the past to be a burden.

The end result is clear; The Pace by Biv and the Mnemonics is definitely an album worth picking up for anyone into Folk-Rock or someone who wants to take part in a poetic lyrical experience.

Biv and the Mnemonics can be found via,, and


-Ryan Redondo-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter


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