California Calling – A night of story telling with Joe Sib

September 22, 2009

California Calling with Joe SibHere is a night of fun you do not want to miss with Joe Sib. In Los Angeles and points well beyond, you know Joe Sib as the host and founder of Complete Control Radio that originally aired on Indie 103.1 and can now be heard on 98.7 FM. Well, for one night you will get to hear the extended versions of some of the craziest Punk rock stories. Joe has a bunch of them and if you do not mind pissing your pants, come out to the Key Club on October 15, 2009. The donation at the door goes directly to Wheels For Humanity.

Here is Joe in his own words to tell you more about how this all got rolling.

”One night at SideOneDummy Records, I was drinking some beers, shooting the shit, and telling some stories with some friends and these guys from a band. As the night ended, someone in the band said to me, “I wish you could come on the road with us, just to tell us more of your stories.”

The next day I started thinking about what that guy said and decided to take a few minutes and tape one of my stories. At first, I felt weird just gabbing into the microphone by myself. But the more I did, the better the stories came out. So, for the next two weeks I would come in to work early, drink some coffee and just start talking. Four of these stories made it on to a CD called “True Stories and Bad Ideas.”

I ended up giving the CD to all my friends and anyone that I thought would find the stories funny and entertaining. After a while, somebody asked me if I would ever tell the stories “live.” So now, on October 15th at The Key Club in Hollywood, it's time to sink or swim with “California Calling.”

- Joe Sib

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