Complete event time schedule and map for Punk Rock Bowling 2012 Music Festival and Club shows

May 16, 2012

The 2012 edition of Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival is just about upon us. The event will be non-stop action from the bowling to the music to the pool parties and the club shows and we want to help you stay on top of it all.
2012 Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival Line Up and Club Shows
Covering this event is a monumental task for the Big Wheel staff every year. The only way that they can stay on top of it all and properly coordinate where the staff needs to be at any given time is 2 of the tools below that we create internally as we plan out our coverage. We figured that if these tools help us, they can equally help you stay on track and plan out each of the days and how to get there. Available in a downloadable PDF format is a 4 page moment to moment schedule of each days events with the time and place they go down at, as well as a map of where the venues are located at.

Just download and print these out before you go and you are all set. Better yet, do this while you are at work and plot out next weekend on company time. We thank all of you for your support as we document your event.

Punk Rock Bowling 2012 Event Time Schedule
2012 Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival Map
Event time schedule
Download HERE
Map of the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival venues
Download HERE

If for some reason you do not have tickets
             to the Music Festival and the club shows
                        go to:  DO IT NOW

2012 Punk Rock Bowling poster / flyer

       Video Preview

Coverage of the 2011 event HERE

2011 Punk Rock Bowling winners BC Smokeshop photo
(Photo: Winners of the 2011 Punk Rock Bowling Tournament – BC Smokeshop)

For coverage from Punk Rock Bowling 2010 …. Go HERE


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