The Rowdy Ones

February 17, 2009

The Rowdy Ones photoThe Rowdy Ones emerged in 2005 into a then budding skate Punk scene in New England. While the band features members of bands like Concrete Facelift, the Knox, and Apeshit, the center of attention has usually been on their vocalist, who is commonly known as the Red Baron.

Always the life of any party, the Baron is not unlike a mentally unstable Punk rock version of Jeff Spicoli of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Their sound ranges from being influenced by Boston hardcore bands like Gang Green and Jerry's Kids to some darker sounding music a la TSOL or 45 Grave.
The Rowdy Ones Photo
Within the next few weeks the band will be embarking on a U.S. tour and will make their way to Southern California in mid March. Their shows are not recommended for those who are freaked out by blood or other forms of masochism.