Strawberry Blondes

October 4, 2009

Strawberry BlondesWe have all heard it before, "Never judge a book by it's cover", which is a theme that has been a staple of the Punk rock ethos and at times seems to not be followed by all ...guess we are just human after all. Take for example the band we are spotlighting, Strawberry Blondes. Many people from the name may not think that is gonna be a hard rockin' Punk band and that is where the fun begins when you take a listen to this band's music. The songs just explode in your face as your spit your teeth out and keep listening. Strawberry Blondes are from Newport England which is about 125 miles west of London. The songs are catchy and melodic in nature, pretty down right contagious. They have a new record coming out later this year on Not On Your Radio Records that they recently signed to, that is titled "Fight Back". Give this band a tumble and go check out their tunes on their MySpace, seriously good stuff, for sure go see them live when they come to your part of the world.

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Here is a except about the band from their MySpace:
Keeping it strictly roots, Punk 'n' roll mob kings, Strawberry Blondes like their rock 'n' roll super charged. Their songs are short, sharp, shocks of highly melodic punk rock bile, based on the rudiments thrown down by the classic first Clash album, or against the grain conviction of the early Manics or the zeitgeist defining lyrical smarts of their beloved Rancid and Goldblade. Strawberry Blondes, slash ‘n’ burn two minute blasts of guitar driven punk rock 'n' roll, their mini anthems-should-be-Top-30 missives. This is sheer pop perfection. Heartfelt vocals and the amphetamine rush of guitars, struck with a passion and fired with burning frustration. Turning their cynicism and world-weariness into highly charged angry pop is what Strawberry Blondes excel at. Front man Mickie Stabbs is so wild eyed in his conviction that rock 'n' roll will change the world that he has already burned out several line ups of the band, in his pain staking search for perfection. Not many can keep up with his vision.