Guilty Faces

September 8, 2008

Though this band hails from Connecticut, it would be easy to mistake them for an early 80's HC band like the Adolescents or even Grey Matter. These guys have some seriously catchy tunes that are anything but weak!

Vocalist  Tommy P. has a great stage persona, giving the songs a lot of character with a gnarly sounding voice and some great faces to boot! "Nightmares", which can be found on their myspace, is one of those songs that you listen to once and need to listen to it over and over again. The same can be said for the song "No Point At All", which has some really cool guitar leads. With their first official release on the way, Guilty Faces has already proven that they have the ability to produce quality material based on the demo tracks they have already released.

So rest assured that this will be one of those bands that you wish you would have followed from the very start, but now you feel like a tool because you decided to listen to that old Dead Kennedys album for the 100th time instead.  Do yourself a favor and give Jello a break and check out Guilty Faces.

For show dates and some rad tunes visit the Guilty Faces myspace: