Government Warning

November 19, 2009

Black Mercies band photoIts been a few years since I first heard this Richmond, Virginia band on a recommendation from a friend. From the moment I put their LP “No Moderation” on, I realized that I was listening to a very special band, the kind of band that only comes along once in a generation. As much as this band holds a special place among my favorite bands, it is rather unfortunate that I have only seen this band play live three times, once on a west coast tour and then twice at the two following No Way Fests the following two years in Virginia.

As an avid music listener, I find myself to be very critical of bands and don’t find myself easily excited by music that I feel lacks talent or thought. If it wasn’t apparent before, Government Warning proved that there is still heart in the punk music that is being written today. That is not to say that Government Warning is the final word when it comes to new hardcore punk rock, but they are definitely leaders in the direction that this genre of punk rock music needs to be going in.

Government Warning
Government Warning at No Way Fest in Richmond, VA June 2009

As far as their sound goes, Government Warning can best be described as a band that would have existed and thrived 25 years ago, much like the Adolescents, who many people draw comparisons to. Fortunately we are lucky enough to have this band for ourselves without the older generation having bragging rights to say that they got to see them back in the 80s. Give this band a listen, pick up “No Moderation” and work your way up from there. If you are anything like me their records will spend more time on the record player then in their sleeves.

This summer Government Warning released a new LP as well as an EP on No Way/Grave Mistake Records.

Government Warning Paranoid Mess LP 1. Rot and Decay
2. Nowhere to Go
3. Urban Warfield
4. Endless Slaughter
5. Stop Again
6. Revolving Door
7. Blurred Yellow Line
8. Disengage
9. Hour After Hour
10. Glued
11. Factory Line
12. Shot Full of Holes
13. Global Warming
14. Paranoid Mess
15. Enough is Enough

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