Danger’s Close

July 17, 2009

Danger's Close Punk band photoThere are thousands of bands out there you're not listening to that you probably should be. There are scores of bands you're not listening to that you definitely should be. Danger's Close is probably top of the list of bands you can't live without, you just haven't realized it yet.


Don't feel bad, they're relatively new, and you've still got time. Their album, "Closer Than You Think" is in the running for the best new thing I've heard in a long long time.

Fronted by powerful female vocalist "Abs" who seamlessly combines the rawness of Punk rock with an almost bluesy sensuality to produce a driving urgency behind her compelling lyrics, this album is one you'll find difficult to turn off. When she tells you "Like the pills in your hand, I will never let you down" you not only completely believe her, you want to shove anyone who dares to imply otherwise.
Danger's Close photo
Make no mistake, Danger's Close could well be the benchmark for the next wave of Punk music. Abs isn't the only powerhouse, the band themselves are phenomenal as well. While the music is undoubtedly Punk, the heavy guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums somehow completely avoid sounding like stale, re-hashed versions of '77 hits. There is creativity here to accompany the obvious musical chops.

The entire album has high energy guaranteed to make you run around in a circle, but there's depth to the album as well. "She Says She's Leaving" contains all the anger and sadness familiar when a long relationship limps toward it's end, while opening track "Burn" unleashes a sonic wall of raw fury, and "The Daily Grind" is a strong, socially conscious anthem.

Self-proclaimed Punk purists will be happy to know these Ipswich upstarts are completely DIY, and their album can be had for only a little more than the asking from the band themselves via their MySpace at

Those lucky enough to be in the UK this summer can not afford to miss live performances at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, and London's Bridge House.



-Jo Problems-
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter