September 1, 2009

CrimewaveVenues are closing all over the place, the recession is supposedly keeping people at home, heck it's even raining in California. But something wonderful is happening. In short order we've seen new albums from Cock Sparrer, 4 Past Midnight, The Last Resort, and US appearances from the 4-Skins. The Business are touring the US again this fall, The Warriors are coming, and even Fang (who aren't, strictly speaking, and Oi band, but did write the excellent song "Tits and Oi") are on the road again.

Despite, or maybe because of, all the hardships we seem to be on the verge of a second golden age of Oi. But this time it's not just England and the East coast. California has a long tradition of "super groups" hobbled together from various punk bands throughout the region, and this time it's given us Crimewave. With members of Naked Aggression, Dr. Know, Los Infernos, YAPO, and Dead Lazlo's Place, they certainly have a proven track record to back them up as they take a step into new musical territory.

"Soundtrack to Violence" is the band's 7 song EP showcasing melodic Oi anthems that encapsulate both the spirit of what makes the genre great, and something undeniably California. These are songs that are made for rowdy nights in a club, or speeding down the freeway with a backseat of drunks pounding the ceiling and singing along as loud as they can. If you're listening to this record and not rocking out, you might want to check. You might be dead.

For more on the background of this band, and where they're headed, members Seedy and Slime were good enough to answer some questions.

Where are you from?

Seedy - Well the band is from the surrounding LA cities like; Pasadena, South El Monte, La Puente. Shit like that. It's guess it's just easier to say LA to the rest of the world?

How long have you been playing together?

Seedy - Well, we formed the complete band in April 09. So we've been jamming out with quite a few lineups since then. Sounds pretty gross huh? We're a new band that has already gone through a shitload of members. Yeah, we tend to not have much luck with keeping band members. I guess we smell or have bad breath?

How did you guys come together as a band?

Slime - Well.....Once I passionately locked eyes with Seedy, I knew he was the one I was destined to be in a band with for the rest of my life. Just kidding!.......Or am I?..... No, I've known him since the early 90's and we always wanted to form a band together, but never made it happen. So last year in October of 08, being that he was tired of the bands that he was in, and I, being tired of the bands that I was in. Decided to team up & try something a little different. He approached me with a few songs & ideas, & from there we started writing and recording all the songs we have now. Neither one of us till now, have ever been in an Oi! band. So it made sense for us to go that route, since we're long time fans of that genre.

What do you feel your biggest influences are?

Seedy - For this band, obviously, Punk Rock/Oi! bands like; The Adicts, Toy Dolls, Descendents, The Oppressed, Blitz, etc....

Slime - The Misfits, The Damned, The Blood, Cock Sparrer, etc....

What's your absolute favorite thing about the scene?

Slime - That's a pretty hard question to answer? Because the scene is not like it used to be. It's died out alot here in LA/OC/IE. It used to be exciting, crazy, and full of life. Everyone used to go out to all the shows and make it fun. But I guess it's like a rollercoaster. I has it's ups and down from time to time. Plus the stupid recession going on right now doesn't help. But I'd have to say when the scene was happening, the best thing was knowing that everyone had love for the scene (or at least the music). Every Punk rocker I knew weren't a bunch of trendy, lame ass fools and the best thing was.....There weren't any lame ass emo/screamo bands around back then. People weren't walking around crying with big vaginas on their foreheads.

Seedy - Same as that guy. Yeah, the vagina forehead thing. I'm eating a sandwich. Don't bother me.

What would you like to see change?

Slime - I can't really say? The industry is changing, & I'm interested in seeing where it goes. Yeah, I'm pretty boring like that. Sorry I couldn't give some crazy answer to that one.

Seedy - UHHH? Crime Wave? I'd like to see us stop changing band members so much. Oh yeah!.......The fucken venues and promoters. Some of them (not all) need to quit dicking over the bands. I as well as many others, are sick of it. We're the reason why people come out to shows. We're the entertainment! Not the lame ass promoters. EH! They can go eat a wagon full of dicks!

What makes a great show for you guys?

Slime - When the audience is actively participating with the band on stage. When the audience is singing your songs and loving every minute of it. That shit is awesome. Cause at that moment, you realize that all the hard work you put into the band pays off. Cause you bring good times to peoples lives & that's what it comes down to.

Seedy - Hey Slime, when you say loving every minute of it? Is it like comparing when you say.......I'm gonna give that girl the best 20 seconds of her life?

Slime - Exactly!

Seedy - Okay. I'm down with that!

What's your favorite live memory?

Seedy - Wow! We don't have to many of those? We're usually shitfaced by the time we hit the stage. The guys had told me that one of our shows at The Radio Room was really funny. I believe the guys said something about Slime & our bassist doing some perverted stuff on stage. I honestly blacked out before we hit the stage. So I don't remember shit. But I personally had alot of fun when we played at The Slide Bar? That was a fun show? I guess? As far as having a cool, crazy story, I don't have one. The shows have been pretty peaceful for us so far. I know, I suck!

Slime - I rather not talk about The Radio Room show. A gentlemen never tells.

Seedy - You a gentlemen? Yeah fucken right!

What's coming up (shows, albums, etc.)?

Seedy - As far as upcoming shows? Just check out our myspace page at to keep updated with what we have going on. As far as an album? We are currently deciding on which songs we want to go with for our first complete album. We honestly have around 30 new songs or more to decide on. And that's not including the 10 songs we're already playing. We're looking to have around 14 to 16 songs for the first album. I hate buying albums that only have around 9 or 10 songs on them. I feel like I'm being cheated.

Slime - Also, we have a split comp coming out soon that will feature us and our good friends Battle Flask on it. Did I do good?......At night?

Seedy - Yeah! That was pretty professional. I'm proud of you now. Good job!

Anything else you'd like to add?

Slime - Yeah! I'd like to thank god and our ……

Seedy - Shut the fuck up!!! Your done! No one wants to hear your bullshit anymore!
Do you understand the madness I have to deal with? Thanx!

Thank you boys. So there you have it. "We are united, together as one" so get over to the MySpace and do yourself a favor.

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