Broken Needle

August 1, 2009

Broken NeedleAnyone who has followed Los Angeles hardcore within the past ten years is sure to be familiar with some of the members of Broken Needle's other projects. Current members of the band have played in notable bands such as Life's Halt, No Reply, Carry On, Knife Fight, Holier Than Thou? (perhaps the best of the recent crossover/thrash revival bands), Bad Reaction, and C.O.P..Having formed in 2001, Broken Needle may not be as well known as some of these other projects, but they certainly could give any other band a run for the money.

The band, who are often noted for their energetic live performances, recently played a record release show in Long Beach for their new 7" E.P. on Schizophrenic Records. The record features five high speed positive hardcore songs addressing scene related politics as well as some more broad based political issues on a larger scale. "Trash This Place" has already become a bit of an anthem in L.A. with its lyrics condemning careless behavior at Punk rock shows which can often result in venues banning Punk rock from their repertoire.

Prior to their self titled 7" Broken Needle helped forge their name with an L.P. on Lengua Armada records. It had memorable songs such as "Waste Away," "Cash In," "My Rules," and "Who the Fuck Are You." What set apart the band from many of their peers on this record was a musical flexibility that combined aspects of late 80's straight edge hardcore with an early 80's Punk rock attitude and additional influences from skate rock bands like Agression and RKL. In short virtually anyone who is a fan of hardcore Punk rock could find something to appreciate in their sound.
Broken Needle
In the past few years Broken Needle have headlined shows in small venues as well as playing support for bands like Fear, Bold, Negative Approach, Bold, Circle One, The Stains, Fucked Up, and Total Fury. Perhaps their most memorable performance was a Halloween show in October of 2008 where they played a half a set of Uniform Choice and Unity covers before finishing off with a hand full of original songs.

This October Broken Needle will head to Japan for an eight day tour. In the meantime we hope to see them play more shows here in Southern California.

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