Band Spotlight: Victory

March 1, 2014

If you are any kind of fan of hard-hitting punk or Oi music, chances are you already know Victory. Maybe you saw them at the 20 Tons of TNT festival in Hartford last year with Poison Idea. Maybe you were lucky enough to get a copy of their debut EP, Laced Up, before it sold out 90 minutes after going up for pre-sale.

But just in case some weird twist of fate has left you in the dark, consider this your guiding light.

Victory hail from the Midwest, specifically the St Paul area, and they play raw, straight forward American Oi. Ok, I know American Oi has suffered more than a few black eyes over the years, but this isn't some crop of 42-year old fresh cuts, or millionaires writing songs about being working class. Victory are former members of Pist & Broke, Subversives, and Vigrgin Whores, among others. They are fathers and Afghan war veterans, they are working class, they struggle, and they are pissed off. 


And that's where Victory's strength lies. Everyone loves a good knees-up, and singalongs about how much we all love beer, or how much fun it is to be a skinhead will always be a cornerstone of Oi, and "Laced Up" definitely pledges the usual "skinheads will never die" refrain. But Oi is having a laugh AND having a say, and Victory have something to say, and you're going to want to listen. "Our country 'tis of thee, but not of us. Take a look around, who can you trust?... We've not living the American Dream, one step away from poverty. We're all living the American Nightmare. They don't care about you and me." Victory knows everything's not ok, and they're not going to pretend it is. They're going to lace up, and scream their frustration in your face. So, are you going to run and stay out of the way? Or are you going to scream along?


If you're in or around the Northeast, Victory are on tour with The Warriors from the UK, playing

Dusk, Providence, RI 3/20/14

TT the Bear's, Cambridge, MA 3/21/14

The Place Bar & Lounge, Brooklyn, NY 3/22/14

and keep an eye out for Midwest dates as well.

 You can follow the band HERE


-Jo Problems-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter



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