Band Spot Light: The Objex

May 1, 2014

The ObjexOur May Band Spot Light is one more great reason to make it to the Punk Rock Bowling Festival in Vegas this year EARLY! The Objex will be opening up Day 2 with a bang!

The Objex have been melting faces and creating movement in the pants of show-goers since their inception in 2006. Their current line up consists of Felony Melanie, Jim Nasty, Chili (Joaquin Espinosa), and Ivan Del Real. While The Objex have went through a few line up changes over the years, Felony Melanie and Jim Nasty have maintained the driving force behind the band and pushed through for some great accomplishments including features in multiple independent films, television shows and magazines and even won the Vegas Rocks Award for Best Punk Rock Band 2010 and were nominated for a Hollywood Music Award for best alternative song 2011 and best rock song 2012. They have also released several music videos including "Lethal Lips" and "R.S.V.P".


The Objex have stayed busy over the years writing and recording original material. In 2006 they released a demo “Bound And Gagged”, which along with touring, gained a lot of attention for the band. In January of 2007 they released their debut full length album,  “Attack Of The Objex” and in April of 2010, released the wildly popular album “Reservation For Debauchery”. This month The Objex will be celebrating the release of their new EP "Super Charged Lil Nova" on the 25th at the Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival for a soft release as well as an official CD release party the next night at the Beauty Bar.


The intro track "Fingered" on their album "RSVP for Debauchery" sums up everything that The Objex stand for.

"This album is an exercise in the capitalization of an exploitation that some might unnecessarily violent, sexist and disgusting. We therefore suggest the listener to execute caution and discretion. Although it is not our sole intention to shock, insult or irritate, you have been warned that we are catering to our own, as members of the sexual minority."


They pride themselves on doing and saying whatever the fuck they want. The Objex play Punk Rock hard, fast and nasty. Don't miss them in Vegas this year or any where else the might play near you, The Objex put on one hell of a show!

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