Band Spot Light: Bad Cop / Bad Cop

April 1, 2014

Bad Cop / Bad CopBad Cop / Bad Cop started in a small and very cold rehearsal space at Koos studio in San Pedro, Ca in 2011.  Stacey Dee had written some Punk Rock songs and with drummer Myra Gallarza and their original bassist.  At their 2nd practice Jennie Cotterill came along and everything changed and for the better The band became more vocally driven with harmonies and trade off lead vocal singing.

Jennie and Stacey started writing songs together, keeping this formula going as it just felt like the right thing to do.  They pulled from their different backgrounds to bring together a definite Punk Rock band, but one that offered the feel of all different genres that they loved.  Stacey and Jennie still use this formula for the band’s songwriting.   

After a year of playing up and down the west coast, Bad Cop / Bad Cop began to gain momentum. They recorded their first demo, “Get Rad”, 5 fun songs, suffering poor recording. Eventually, the band got the opportunity to record at Hurley studios, working with producer, Davey Warsop, who helped the band develop their sound. This became their well-received Self-released EP. Shortly after recording, the band changed bass-players, welcoming the high-energy and expertise of Linh Le.  She was the icing on the proverbial donut.  Not only was Linh a veteran bass-player, but she also brought great stage presence and a strong singing voice to the table.  This gave Bad Cop / Bad Cop something different – really good songs, a kick ass drummer, solid rhythm section and 3-part harmonies.  In Fall of 2013, the band recorded another 4 songs with Davey Warsop at Hurley Studios.

The girls have been allied with the Bears of San Francisco since Myra and Jennie’s Cunt Sparrer days.  A residual of this was Bad Cop / Bad Cop’s playing Lilith Bear, as part of SF Bear Pride Weekend. This proved to be a wild night, complete with bearded drag queens, a fire, shitty sound system, fake mustaches, and NOFX frontman and Fat Wreck Chords owner Fat Mike, himself.Mike dug the band, appreciating their sounding good despite the terrible PA system.   He said he liked all the songs and wanted to put out their 7” on Fat. Three days later, Stacey got a call from Fat Mike saying that Fat Wreck Chords had a meeting and unanimously decided they wanted to sign Bad Cop / Bad Cop. It seemed to be perfect timing as the band had just recorded an EP they had no money to release, and now one of the best Punk Rock labels in the world wanted to put it out!

 Bad Cop / Bad Cop will be playing several release show to support their new 7" that was released on April first. Most notably for Los Angeles locals, they will be at The Redwood in downtown LA on the 12th of April with supporting acts, Johnny Madcap and The Distractions, The Bombpops, Hands Like Bricks and Harry and The Henderson's. You can find more details for this show HERE

But it doesn’t end there…. Bad Cop / Bad Cop are now writing songs for their first full length record.  They will be working with Davey Warsop and Fat Mike on the pre-production and production of their record.  The ladies just played their biggest show to a sold out House of Blues, Hollywood with Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s. The girls were very well received with the Gimme’s posting the next day, “If you haven’t heard of Bad Cop / Bad Cop – You Will!”.  

Bad Cop / Bad Cop

Bad Cop / Bad Cop’s plans for the next few months include writing and recording their upcoming full-length for Fat, playing the Punk Rock Bowling Tournament’s main stage, and touring Europe in August / September of this year.  

These ladies know they couldn’t pull this off without each other.  They’re seasoned, and ready to hit this thing out of the park. They’re a band full of very creative, talented, and forward-thinking people; Jennie Cotterill is a muralist, sculptor and curator (she painted the BOSS LADY cover and designs the majority of Bad Cop merchandise and posters), Linh Le plays in another VERY active Southern California band called Vagrant Nation and can do an uncanny Bobby Hill Impression, Myra Gallarza is left handed but plays her drums right handed, (but air drums left handed) and can crush a can on any part of her body, while Stacey Dee sings on a lot of other people’s records, has been in too many bands to mention, is an actress, a voice over actress and an advocate for animal rights, rescuing every dog or cat she can in the city of Inglewood, where she now resides.

Keep your eyes and ears open for these girls to hit your town. They love new friends, encourage people to come and talk to them and always deliver one hell of a fucking show.

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