Band Spot Light: The Mormons

January 1, 2014

The MormonsIf you are active in the Los Angeles music scene, there is a huge chance you have seen The Mormons perform. They have been a staple Punk band in the underground scene since their inception in August of '98. They are most well known for their "Mobile Unit", where like real Mormons, they take to the street to spread their word.

This is their Mission Statement

"We don the image of Mormon missionaries symbolizing the dedication, the sacrifice, and the obsession common in most artists. the musician is as fanatical as any religious zealot bent on achieving his or her own individual purpose. while some have chosen to dedicate their lives to Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc., THIS is the path WE have chosen and it is indeed a "religious" experience in itself. our generic uniforms- helmets, white shirts, ties and backpacks- act as a fashion-neutralizer and a 'fuck-you' to the fashion show that conceals the mediocrity that is most mainstream music today. Our mission is simple- to rock out correctly. and if you leave with a feeling of excitement and enjoyment, then our purpose is validated. We are the band known as- The Mormons."

The Mormons

They got the idea for the Mobil Unit when they couldn't get on the bill for big music festivals. The Mormons have crashed many fests including SXSW, FYF, Warped Tour, and Punk Rock Bowling as well as other gatherings like the farmers market (where they weren't received as well). As you can imagine, they always cause a scene and have built up a considerable following of fans with their tactics and talent.

The Mormons

Last spring Big Wheel Magazine was able to capture The Mormons return to Amoeba where they were banned from in 2006 for playing music inside the store.  Here is the footage!

The Mormons

This band has survived 15 years and gone through many line-up changes (16 different members to be exact). Whether you catch the Mormons on stage, in the street, or just rock out to their music on your IPod, all platforms are entertaining. Aside from a unique image and stage performance, The Mormons play their own bitchin' brand of Punk Rock music!

The Mormons

If you would like to hear more or keep up with The Mormons, here are links to multiple social networking sites.

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