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September 20, 2010

Interview with Stig Stench of all Punk Rock radio - Stench RadioInterview by: Stephanie M.

Big Wheel Senior Staff Reporter

Buy Motrin no prescription, STENCHRADIO.COM has emerged from the ashes of former Punk Rock friendly radio stations to deliver Punks all over the world a single destination for Punk Rock music and more. Stig Stench, who heads, operates, Motrin pharmacy, and hosts STENCHRADIO.COM, recollects his early beginnings, Buy Motrin no prescription, influences, and motives for creating a single realm where Punks can catch good music and good times, all from the comfort of their homes.

How did you get the idea of starting up your own Punk Rock online radio station?

Back in 1983, I was living in this horrible small Texas Town called Silsbee Texas. Köpa Motrin online, Osta Motrin online, Jotta Motrin verkossa, I landed a gig somehow at a Country/Bluegrass radio station called KWDX/KKAS Silsbee Radio. I took it because I knew it would allow me to hone my craft at one day having my own radio show. I remember sitting in the control booth imagining that this music was the soundtrack to hell and I was in purgatory, and I thought to myself, purchase Motrin online, "One day, I WILL have my own radio show and radio station that plays and celebrates Punk Rock!"  April 21st, Buy generic Motrin, 2010 I went on the air with "Stig's Punk Rock Radio Show."

How difficult is it to produce a radio station such as yours?

The difficult part is finding a reliable server, the other is just jumping in with BOTH feet in the water!

What kinds of bands and what types of genres do you play on your station?

We specialize in Hardcore punk from the US/UK and really anywhere in the world that shares the angst, Buy cheap Motrin no rx, frustration and raw energy of Punk Rock. Artists and bands who refuse to be controlled by corporations and right-winged domination over Freedom and the Freedom of expression, buy Motrin no prescription. Bands that haven't been tainted by the mass media and MTV's perception of what Punk Rock should be or what it should sound like.

Do you believe an online radio station is more convenient and effective than an FM/AM/XM radio station?

YES!!!!!  Internet Radio is one of the last frontiers that the FCC and the Government has had little success at driving their right-winged structure in destroying Radio-Free America, 1000mg, 2000mg. I answer to no-one but advice and guidance from my big brother Greg Ginn from SST Records/Black Flag. I have a team of like-minded people with the same vision for, Japan, craiglist, ebay, hcl, but we have no corporations or law to answer to. We are ALL-LIVE and not pre-taped or looped, unlike most "Punk Rock" web-based shows. Buy Motrin no prescription, I follow no play list. It is as requested and spontaneous.

Your radio show has had many prominent figures in the Punk Rock community host the show alongside you in the past. Reasons to buy Motrin online, Who are some of the guests that have graced your show in the last few months?

Wow. I have had greats like Gray Floyd of The DICKS (Austin TX), Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds), Greg Ginn (Black Flag/SST Records), Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ron Reyes (Black Flag), Jack Grisham (TSOL), Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, Ron Emory (TSOL) Mike Watt (The Minutemen/Iggy & The Stooges), Don Bolles (The Germs), Kira Roessler (Black Flag/DOS), Sylvia Juncosa (SWA/To Damascus), Motrin for sale, SYMBOL SIX  I know I have left out more.....

Who has been your favorite/most memorable guest so far?

GARY FLOYD of The DICKS was so awesome and down to Earth. You felt as you knew him for years. He is such a awesome soul, buy Motrin no prescription. Kevin Seconds also, he gave me the time of the day when NOBODY wanted to hardly listen to my show, Motrin from canadian pharmacy. Kevin put STENCHRADIO.COM on the map. I owe so much to Kevin Seconds. Order Motrin online overnight delivery no prescription, Greg Ginn, he has become like a big-brother and dear friend in my life. Buy Motrin no prescription, He has been so supportive and awesome. Mike Watt, is so big hearted and honest, kjøpe Motrin online, bestill Motrin online. I actually had tears in my eyes when he spoke of D Boone.

What other guests should your followers expect on your show in the next upcoming weeks?

I just had Rick Wilder of The MAU MAUS on. Tonight I am having Brandon Cruz from DR KNOW. Milo Aukerman Of THE DESCENDENTS, Eerie Von of SAMHAIN/Danzig, buy no prescription Motrin online, Cheetah Chrome Of The DEAD BOYS, Stan Lee Of THE DICKIES, Buy Motrin from canada, Dave Dictor Of MDC, Ted Falconi Of Flipper, Ron Goudie Of MODERN WARFARE/Producer of Enigma Records, Return Of The Living Dead SoundTrack, online buy Motrin without a prescription, GEZA X , Possibly Bobby Steele (Original Misfits Guitarist/The UNDEAD).....

Through it all, what draws you to the concept of an online radio station and why do you feel committed to it?

Why do I feel committed to it. Because there are no limitations like there is Satellite and FM Radio, buy Motrin no prescription. Nothing is structured, Motrin snort, alcohol iteraction, or needs to have "walls"built around it. I can Captain my own ship that is known as Order Motrin from mexican pharmacy, The Team and I can take this as far as we want to. That is the beauty of it, and nobody can stop us but ourselves.

What are some other projects you're currently working on or have up your sleeve? related, we are broadening beyond just my show. Buy Motrin no prescription, As I aforementioned, we are adding new Net-J's like Robb (My guitarist in The STENCHES) and Sly-J (Sylvia Juncosa) is having her show on soon, and I am not at liberty at this time to disclose the other Net-J's but I promise everyone in Stench-Land and Big-WheelaVania won't be disappointed!

What is one thing you'd like your fans to know about you/your show?

That if it wasn't for them, I would be nothing. Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, That they are as if not MORE important part of the show than I am. That I try to provide a "hanging out" type of atmosphere. A raw, unglamorous, 5mg, 50mg, 75mg, 100mg, unpretentious approach.

How do you feel about FM radio stations like KROQ, who try to experiment with mainstream genres of music and from time to time play "real Punk Rock"?

I can't hate on KROQ because Rodney Bingenheimer (Rodney On The Roq) was an influence on me. My pal from Cali Troy Fercho used to tape ROTR and send them to me. Other than that, I think the others probably saw a Black Flag or Dead Kennedys shirt in Hot Topic and thought it would be cool and nostalgic to play , and not realize that this music was the backdrop to the lives and revolution to people like myself.

Is there an FM radio station whose music you find agreeable?

No........., buy Motrin no prescription. This is why STENCHRADIO.COM was spawned.

Are there any radio/TV hosts that have influenced your style or methods of hosting your online show?

The aforementioned Rodney Bingenheimer during the 80-82 era of ROTR. Comprar en línea Motrin, comprar Motrin baratos, The late Peter Ivers of NEW WAVE THEATER. Dr Demento of The Doctor Demento Show.  Tim Yohannon and The Maximum RockNRoll Crew. The Late Wolfman Jack Of The Midnight Special Show. Zacherley Of The Museum Of Horrors TV Show.

Buy Motrin no prescription, Will you ever consider having a permanent sidekick host?

Sure. At the Moment I have had Robb as my co- host, purchase Motrin online no prescription, but he is getting ready to have his own show on I am actually on the lookout for a new co-host.

How far do you plan on taking your Punk Rock online radio station?

As long as I am still breathing and I can make the listeners happy, I will take this as far as Garrett, Sylvia, buy Motrin online no prescription, Jennifer, Robb, Orion, Greg and the listeners want me to take it. There is no end in sight. We are currently getting ready to switch to a more befitting and reliable server that will accommodate our continuing growing audience.  STENCHRADIO.COM's listeners are the ones who determine how long we will be around, so that being said, we will never go away!  THANK YOU  for the privilege of being interviewed by Big Wheel!

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