Interview with Olga of The Toy Dolls

November 13, 2013

Interview by: Dod Morrison
Big Wheel Overseas Reporter


Toy Dolls have just finished there Uk tour. I had been to two of the shows, one in Sunderland, his home town which they hadn’t played for 30 years, and Glasgow, both were brilliant shows. I managed to get front man Olga to answer a few questions from his favourite food to playing at Rebellion.

BW: You have just finished your 1st UK tour in a while, how did it go?

Olga: Highly enjoyable!  And what a lovely warm loyal crowd, EVERYWHERE! Local crews and treatment were nice too!  Twas a pleasure!  But knackered now though!

BW: How did you feel playing Sunderland your home town for the 1st time in 30 years? 

Olga: Oh, a bit surreal!  Felt like being in a dream, so many people we knew from the past there!  A very special night for me obviously, but the nerves didn’t help!

BW: What is your favourite country or venue to play?

Olga: Ah, I wouldn't like to single out one particular country! Wouldn't be fair, Japan is great for many reasons, France mega too, Brazil, Spain, Argentina are probably the wildest party people! Germany & Switzerland rock, and Austria, Poland, Czech Republic & Hungary, I love Sweden & Norway also, Russia too …..Bah, EVERYWHERE ROCKS!

BW:  I read that originally you could only play if you wore your sunglasses, is that still the case?

Olga: Yep, always has been! Already a bag o’ nerves with them on, never mind taking them off n’ playin’!

BW:  How long will you keep touring. As a very big part of your show is jumping about etc, when you can't do that anymore would you still play? 

Olga: Mmm, tough one, as soon as we can’t manage certain jumps & choreography, then we will stop, I wouldn't wanna carry on if we couldn't do the full stage show, so probably a couple more weeks I guess!

BW: Can you remember that eureka moment when you decided, that’s it I want to be in a band?

Olga: Yes, when I saw Suzi Quatro on Top of the Pops, it’s her fault!

BW: Some bands have outrageous items on there riders what’s the weirdest thing you have asked for if any?


Olga: Ha, boring rider we have, water, water water…., we did ask for Cadburys flakes a few years back, but they didn't have them outside o’ the UK, so they used to give us 30 boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes instead!

BW: When writing your songs what comes 1st the lyrics or the music?

Olga: It differs all the time, but generally the melody, but could be a lyric or title or whatever.

BW: And how do you get your ideas for songs?

Olga: From everyday life, keep listening to gossip & people talkin’ on the bus, and try to absorb everything that's going around.

BW: When not touring or writing songs, what do you do to relax? 

Olga: Well, on those rare moments. I like the theatre, TV, walking… Punk or what!

BW:  What bands are you listening to just now?

Olga: Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker or silence!

BW:  What is your favourite food? 

Olga: Cauliflower cheese.

BW: Million dollar question, will you ever play Rebellion punk festival? 

Olga: Possibly!




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