Punk Rock Academy Fight Song – Banned in Vegas

May 15, 2010

In honor of you crew being in Vegas I though I'd share a Vegas story of my own.

We pulled into the parking lot of Whiskey Petes at some ungodly hour of the morning-not exactly sure when as the memory is a little fuzzy and the actual event was a lot fuzzier-and slowly, painfully peeled ourselves out of Johnny’s Nissan and staggered toward the lobby. The seven of us reeked like a distillery and looked like zombies. Our motley appearance made the usual denizens of this fine establishment look like European high society. If you’ve ever had the pleasure to set foot in Whiskey Petes then you have some inkling as to the visage we cut as we stumbled through the casino and up to our room to pass out and gather our senses. How the hell did we wind up in this place?( And if you’ve never been to Whiskey Petes try to keep it that way). About an hour earlier we had been gently awakened from our peaceful slumber at a prominent Las Vegas Hotel and been kindly asked to the vacate establishment by the management. Actually the hotel security  pounded on our door rousted us from our drunken half sleep, had us quickly gather our belongings, escorted us to the elevator and told us we were no longer welcome to stay at this hotel-ever.

It had all started innocently enough two days earlier when we left from Temple City headed for Vegas to watch NOFX for our buddy Adam’s birthday. Just a quiet weekend of Punk rock with a little gambling and maybe some cocktails in the evening. What could possibly go wrong. I mean so what if seven of us were sharing a double room and our luggage consisted mostly of twelve packs of Corona and a couple of guitars. Initially everything was smooth sailing as we pre partied and then made our way to the House of Blues for the show raucously belting out “Bottles to the ground” and “theme from a NOFX album” on the streets of Sin City. We even managed to finagle VIP wristbands at the show. Some guy from some local magazine thought we we were somebody and we went with it. In the words of Ray Liotta “Life was Good”. One of us even won 150 bucks on the quarter slots. Then it went down hill. 50 cent beers and dollar daquiries on Fremont street. Complimentary Martinis at the Video Poker Bar at our hotel.

Our hedonistic ways had gotten the best of us and the train quickly went off the rails. But come on we were in Vegas the town where just about anything goes and the first things that usually go out the window are moderation and common sense. And boy did we dispose of those two virtues in a hurry. Now on the scale of bad Vegas behavior we certainly weren’t on the level of counting cards or burying hookers in the desert or throwing furniture out the window but we were bad enough to have rubbed hotel security the wrong way. Among the litany of complaints were the obvious seven people in a double room, a brawl in the room that was apparently heard down the hallway, someone possibly urinating in a stairwell and a corona bottle used as a valve cover for an air mattress-you know the usual stuff. We were told that we had five minutes to pack up and leave this fine establishment. So despite being in various states of inebriation we got dressed in about three minutes flat and exchanged pleasantries with the rather large uniformed security detail that had been dispatched to deal with our unruly bunch. “Thank you for the pleasant stay, sorry about the noise.” Or something to that affect. We made our way to the parking lot, sardine canned ourselves into Johnnys Altima and got the hell out of dodge.

By now two things are apparent. Number one I’ve omitted alot of the details to protect the innocent and the not so innocent. And Number Two this one doesn't really have a lesson. Well actually it does- Don't party like NOFX unless you are in NOFX and you haven't lived until you’ve been kicked out of a hotel in Vegas. Besides who says learning cant be fun.



-Daniel N-


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