Punk Rock Academy Fight Song – Ghouls Night Out

October 28, 2009

So it’s the last week of October and it’s been a month since last you heard from me. I’ve had a million different ideas banging around my head but I haven’t had the time or inclination to put them to paper or computer screen. Work and family have taken precedent over music and writing-such is the bitch of turning into a responsible adult. I love my family and I love my job but sometimes I feel like the gap between my rebellious youth and my adulthood just keeps widening. What to do then to narrow that gap? Easy, watch it’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and reflect in the beauty of one of the greatest holidays ever. That’s right kiddies I’m talking about Halloween.

I know I run the risk of becoming yet another unoriginal cliché -“Wow, a insert your sub group or genre that loves Halloween, how original” yawn. But lets face it must clichés are rooted in the truth and the fact of the matter is Halloween lets all the normal people feel like a punk for one day. And for those of us who have to play Clark Kent during our work day we get to become Super Man again. We spend the majority of our year subverting our true colors save for the odd Friday were we can wear a Ramones t-shirt to work the rest of the time throwing on our mainstream costumes to help pay the bills. Then comes that one magical day when everybody gets to be someone different and we can be ourselves. More importantly it’s the holiday that breaks all the rules. You get to dress up as devils demons and ghosts and then go out at night and ask strangers for candy with your parent’s permission. You can walk into the grocery store dressed as a vampire pirate or robot and no one will bat an eyelash. It’s like being a kid and your mom would let you dress yourself in whatever you felt like. As a child I hated horror movies but always loved Halloween cause I got to wear a cool or on several occasions not so cool costumes (thanks mom) and eat candy till my stomach hurt except for those times my dad said he had to check it and would eat all the good candy. But like a beach ball at a Dodger game some moron had to ruin all the fun. I’m sure we all remember the Halloween scares of the eighties-stories of people putting razors in candy, crazed satanic murderers, etc.-that gradually sucked the fun out of this great day.

This led to several years of trick or treating at our church-which seems like an oxymoron but wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounds. My parents didn’t think I was going to hell because I enjoyed All Hallows eve they just didn’t want some deviant slipping a killer kit kat into my tick or treat bag. Over time I started to lose interest in and thought I’d outgrown the fun part of Halloween and I focused more on the mischief-toilet papering peoples houses and throwing pumpkins in the street but I just wasn’t the same and truthfully I missed the fun part of it. I missed wearing costumes. And I discovered that most of the bands I liked looked like they loved Halloween so the progression was natural. I loved wearing shirts with skulls and dying my hair and listening to the Misfits-c’mon you had to see that one coming. I think I dressed up more for Halloween while in college and immediately after than when i was a kid because it seemed like an extension of who I really was. My favorite costume was my Matt Skiba Devil-suit and tie, mini devil lock and poorly applied eyeliner and if I could have shown up to work like that I would have and honestly I don’t think many people would have noticed the difference. Truth be told my wife tells me that when I’m not in my work clothes it looks like I’m wearing a costume and to me that’s a compliment. I don’t love Halloween because I’m dark, brooding and into evil -I love it because it makes me feel young. So this year I’m gonna crank up my Misfits, TSOL, AFI, Alkaline Trio CD’s, watch the great pumpkin Charlie Brown, and practice the dark arts-okay the last one’s a lie-we’re taking our daughter trick or treating and feel completely normal. Oh and maybe I'll smudge on some eyeliner.


-Daniel N-